Exactly 1 month in the books!

Last Update: December 03, 2020

One month in!

Did I ever think that after one month I would be ranked 47,000 (from a previous week of 120,000), have 2 websites built and both of the indexed by google?!?! NO.

It has been amazing! The training, Amazing! The community, Amazing! I find myself constantly looking for more information, more training and more links!

I also find the information I have learned on WA has crossed over to my 9-5 job. Assisting my SEO manager with keywords, posts and design.

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lesabre Premium
Great stuff Daniel. Congratulations and continued success.

Eugene Premium Plus
Let's get going Daniel
davebux Premium Plus
Fantastic achievement Daniel. It just goes to show that with WA training and your own personal effort that things can happen
Keep it going.
AlexEvans Premium
Well done Daniel you are making great progress. Keep on moving forward and all the best as you continue to grow your online presence.
JeannineC Premium
Congratulations! You certainly aren't wasting any time getting things done - good for you!