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Hello WA team!I created a website on google and now want to move it to WA. I have already purchased the new website on WA - asked site support to move it over - My question is - I have posted this link on Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest - will my followers be automatically redirected to my new URL? Thank you!
December 03, 2020
One month in!Did I ever think that after one month I would be ranked 47,000 (from a previous week of 120,000), have 2 websites built and both of the indexed by google?!?! NO.It has been amazing! The training, Amazing! The community, Amazing! I find myself constantly looking for more information, more training and more links! I also find the information I have learned on WA has crossed over to my 9-5 job. Assisting my SEO manager with keywords, posts and design.
November 20, 2020
Better than I thought!Well, after 18 days I finally completed my first level of training! Now that doesn't mean that I have not been busy on other things. I've completed half the Affiliate training Built a web site and have several pages and posts I have moved up from my initial starting point of 343,000 to 152,000 - I think I'm most impressed with that!Not bad for 18 days.
November 12, 2020
So much to learn....and do!So I don't find it odd that I still have not picked my particular niche. I have a few generic ideas but I'm still sorting it all out. I have completed a lot of training and this has helped me refine my niche. I dod not want to jump in without a direction to then have to start all over again. The "good plan now is better than a great plan later" analogy does not work for me. The 5 P's makes more sense - "Proper Planning Provents Poor Performance".Many Questions...
November 09, 2020
Why I chose to upgrade?Over the past week I have spent many hours reviewing and learning about Wealthy Affiliate and what the platform provides compared to "going it alone". What I have found is that WA provides the knowledge, guidance and support to become whatever you want to become in the online world. The information is there - it's up to me to make this happen.What's next?Now that I have joined Premium I need to continue the with the training and develop my own site for my niche. Having
November 02, 2020
As the midwest winds begin to blow and the tempurature drops, I dream of an island vacation somewhere south. Looking forward to making this a regular trip as the opportunities present themselves.