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Last Update: Jun 1, 2019

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As of now, a little over 24 hours after I posted, I have 546 comments and 2.6k likes, etc...Something to think a about. I think I chose the wrong niche, but cat lovers is a very big one!

Yes, I'm a cat lover, but I love other animals as well. But I've noticed that choosing your images and saying the right things on the right sites generates a lot of responses.


No, I haven't made any money from this, but I'm seeing the value of targeting and gearing to the right audience.

This one post, I put on a black cat lover's site is generating a lot of responses.

The original post was a tabby cat with its paw up saying, "High five if you support the maximum penalty for animal abuse."

And I said, "Paw me back, if you're on track."

And it's still going...

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I love Cat and all Creatures!
have a good day!

Love cats!
Have a great weekend,

Yes, that is a great point. My husband has been sending me the cutest cat clips in place of text messages like one where a kitty reaches up like it is giving you a hug and sticks it's nose on the camera for a kitty kiss. It is just the cutest thing and melts my heart every time. So, if it works on me (and him) why not use that tactic for every other cat lover out there?

I also have a cat site and try to help promote solutions for people to solve health and behavioral problems so more cats can get adopted and fewer get dumped. I absolutely support the strongest possible penalties for animal abuse. Even if people don't have pets or think much about animals they should know that the way people treat animals is generally indicative of how they treat other people. People who abuse animals abuse people so it affects all of us.

For sure. It's learning how to take aim and hit the vein so-to-speak, although my niche isn't cats.

Thank you for your work with cats, that's very honorable. Many blessings to you!

You are right, the way people treat animals is indicative of how they treat people.

I understand your love of cats. One of my websites is about cats. It's great fun.

I'd love to see your website. Please share. :)

Happy to share. Click on my picture, then click on my profile. At the right hand side, where all my posts are listed, scroll to the bottom and both my web addresses are there.

Hi Jana.

Can't paw you back, but I can certainly take on board your message. I hadn't noticed that correlation. I'll try to rig up some experiments and see what happens—it is certainly an interesting thought.

Speaking of cats (it's the way my mind works, so sorry if you find it offensive) was anyone else supremely worried that Jake in Avatar
basically was intimate with a giant cat?

I just sat in the cinema waiting to hear gentle gasps of "Omigod, no!" but none came. Still gives me the yeeks.

Anyway, it's Friday! Huzzah!

Have loads of fun and I wish you a home filled with happiness.


I would love to see the results of your experiments. Please share. :)

They don't call it amusement for nothing, most people aren't really paying attention that closely. Kudos to you!

amuse (v.)
late 15c., "to divert the attention, beguile, delude," from Old French amuser "fool, tease, hoax, entrap; make fun of," literally "cause to muse" (as a distraction), from a "at, to" (from Latin ad, but here probably a causal prefix) + muser "ponder, stare fixedly" (see muse (v.)).

I've never seen Avatar or Game of Thrones. I can hear the gasps now. LOL, No offense taken.

I will have fun for sure. Thanks for the reply and I wish you the same, my friend. Happiness is a cat! :)

Consider it done.
I'm bookmarking this page. You should hear back from me in August or September. (If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.)

"Happiness is a cat"
"Really?" enquired the mouse in a voice disbelieving and sad. "Then where is my family, formerly happy and gay? I have neither mother nor father, sister nor brother since that ill-fated cat crossed this way." 😉

Thank you, sir. Nice poem. I'll look forward to your results for sure. I'm learning how to aim, but I need to learn to do it for my niche, which, unfortunately, isn't cats.

sounds great to me thanks. Thomas

Sounds Good.

Where would I go to weight loss targeting? HaHa!

Best Wishes,

I'm trying to figure out how to target the small office niche. I wonder if cute cats sitting behind desks or working on a computer would drive some traffic? :)

That just might work!! I just created a static home page and shared it on Facebook for people to visit. I asked them to check out my new homepage, it was very successful! I had a ton of visitors last night on my site. I had Google analytics up on one screen and my FB on the other. LOL I couldn't believe the reaction!
Thanks for the simple things we do!

Because of you and your story, I joined a weight loss forum last night as well.... You just might be on to something.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Send me a link to your site and I'll check it out sometime 😊.

Best of luck,

I'll have to try that. Sounds like a plan, but I have to get my website more built out. Please send me a link to yours so I can check it out.

You're welcome and glad I could help.

Here's a link to my website.
It needs a lot of work, which I plan on this weekend. Any tips, tricks or ideas, etc. will be much appreciated.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Best of luck to you as well!

GREAT! I'll check it out. Here's mine;


I love your site! It's well balanced, looks nice and there are no pop-ups or annoying ads.

That chicken salad looks fantastic! I've always wanted to try one of those air fryers. It's on my buy list for sure. Your review really helped settle that for me.

I'm not brave enough to get behind the camera. I still need to get another post done for my website and go through more training.

I'm still thinking about my website and what it needs. I'm not sure I like the PowerPoint transitions for the wording. I think the color scheme is good.

Keep up the good work. I'll go back and look at it again later, but great job!

That's awesome!! I'm a cat lover as well and have 2 females. Sounds like you have made a great discovery!

On that simple post I have 45 comments and 2,465 likes etc. That's all in less than 24 hours and they're still coming. :)

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