Ton Up Baby! 126 Starter Referrals! With Less Traffic!

Last Update: July 01, 2020

Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes

Celebrating all the successes is great, it's good and keeps up on the road to consistency and reaching new levels.

In June, I reached 126 Starter referrals from 11,600 Organic Search Traffic.

What is quite notable is I managed this, 2x the amount of referrals I got in April from 13,800 Organic Traffic.

Less traffic and more referrals.We cry, we bitch, we screeeam and we get mad about it when google shakes things up but sometimes, just sometimes they take away some of our trashy traffic and exchange it with traffic of better quality.

I am pretty happy to have rolled over the US$200 mark US$208.50 for this month earnings wise from 6 premiums (I know, I know, I Know - gotta pull my socks up conversions wise) and the recurring referrals (5 +1 from last month).

Nice is the US$196 released from the yearly sales last month making month 14 my best to date at US$404.50.

How did your month go?

Was June nice to you?

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ChristineDu1 Premium
That is wonderful! Congratulations! My month has been good, and I have had a few small sales on Amazon. It is hard for me to work right now because it is extremely humid and hot at the moment (I live in the Baja, Mexico) and the humidity is affecting me a lot + literally thousands of flies buzzing around and bumping into me whenever I go outside ... So, staying focused is a challenge this month in September. I stick to my schedule, though, but today I took a break, I could not work with the humidity ... I will catch up again tomorrow.
neilrc Premium
Come on Dezza, pull ya big white socks up! 😜

But congrats, that man!

Ironically, I just got the 500 WA clicks and 26 starter referrals in June (boo hoo, Google!).

BUT in saying that, 5 referrals went Premium (highest premium month so far lol). So while traffic levels are WAY down, the rona's (your fave subject) kicking people's bums into gear. I made $265 in June, plus another $235 (yearly premium) on the last day. So things are on the up for us all.
DerekMarshal Premium
Wow!! Neil!

That is like a 20% conversion rate!. Basically you got 1 less premium than I did with 100 less starter accounts!.

I am not fussed about the low conversion rate. At the moment, I am not in the "fix conversion rate mode". WHat you would want to double more US$400 or US$4000 bucks?

That's my thinking! Plus, with more to fix, I learn more about CRO which is a whole industry in itself like SEO is (apparently an US$80Bn a year industry!).
neilrc Premium
Lol, but who's counting! 😜

To be honest Dez, my traffic's that crap with both blogs, that I've had no choice but to improve conversions lol.

The longer game takes a while to pay off, but really honing in on the "affiliate marketing" niche makes all the difference in the world.

Funny you should mention the double ya money thing, I've just started dabbling in solo ads.

Just flushed $85 down the drain with one sh*t seller - 10% subscriber conversion rate!!

But on the plus side, just invested $100 with another seller and conversions are 50 - 60+%. So far so good.

Now it's just a waiting game for ROI (and them some).
RDulloo Premium
Congrats Derek, on your income! And that’s some really amazing traffic. Traffic for me is picking up after the big dip I had due to the Google update.

Kind of sad that I only had around 65 starter referrals this month (don’t have the exact number as I havent checked to write my update yet) but I’m happy with other aspects.

My conversion rate was up in June!! That’s something that I have worked hard on to improve.

And I also had 11 recurring payments and 5 new wa premiums. In terms of income, I’m at around $490 only for wa and that’s pretty awesome!

Add my adsense earnings and It brings me to about $510 for the month of June! I’m really excited to see this growth.

Thanks for sharing! Let’s keep working hard to reach our goals!!
DerekMarshal Premium
That is Amazing Reyhanna,

Thanks for sharing your results - I *always* keep an eye out for yours as they are very motivational.

I really need to get that conversions thing up, but at the same time it is not a big concern, even though I know I'll end up giving myself a bigger job to do down the road.

My basic targets are 10 starters per 1,000 organic traffic (achieved - at last!) and 1 premium per 1,000 organic traffic (10% conversion rate). I am quite a way short of that.

I was looking at Media Vine for ads but they have doubled the entry requirements to 50,000 sessions!.
CMacLellan Premium
That is Great! Congratulations!
I'd be pretty proud of that myself.
Have a Great Day!
DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks Chuck. Still a long road ahead though.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Great achievements Derek. Congratulations to you 🎉
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you. Long way to go yet.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Keep going 😀