SAT Month 1 - Getting curvy!

Last Update: June 01, 2019

Hi Folks,

Just quick one...

As you all know Month one of SAT - Super Affiliate Training is over - I'll be counting mine on a monthly Basis - better way to keep track of progress.

May 1 - May 31.

Not much to speak of. New site, still in the Sandbox. Had to make a major juxtaposition and just go or it...screw it follow a proven method...and do what works.

Basically April 13 lost my niche site (finally..I made it hang on for 8 months post google Medic update).

May 1st I ditched the blogging tip niche and teaching blogging (something I love, my passion!) and added in a new category "MMO".

And I'm all in!. .....ALL IN!!!

case of ditch the dream and do what works. Follow a proven system. Then I'll switch back to blogging tips once that foundation is there.

Is my site name a hinderance? answer to that is simple.

What has Nathaneil's site got to do with Coffee?.

Details and Stats:

Post published: 62

Traffic Organic: 60

Refferals: 3

Great thing is...getting closer to my Million word goal before getting out of the Sandbox

This is basically "Marshall Logic"

More content and more for google to rank me for once I come out of the sand box which sould be after the summer..

Now for curves...looks like it is working...

Note, all the number and figures shown relate to USA Traffic only, Not global, just stateside.

Prett interesting improvements there +380 top 100 keywords,

+133 top 50

+4 on page one

and a top 3.

And these are some real Juicy keywords I am gunning for...

NOTE: Volume displays NOT the number of searches that a keyword gets but the number of clicks - a more accurate metric. Some searches generate fewer clicks than searches. We have all done this before - searched for something but not clicked on any results.

I feel this is more accurate given google shows knowledge pannels that don't require us to visit a website.

Yep Position 17, new site..(reciently published, a week ago) 7,400 searches...gonna mature and run up the rankings. Same with the 1,200 clicks terms.

Worthy of note: 7,400, 6000 and ,900 (not shown) clicks volume, keywords all relate to the same post....and 3 of 4 Top 10 rankings are related to that same post.

(ya gotta love those semantic keywords..(7.400 volume is the target keyword, just saying, 6000 for LSI..yay!).

Once that article matures...traffic tsunami! Measure in thousands....literally 2,000 to 3000 visitor+ post on my hands there (maybe one or two others too!)..for that one traffic only!

Other successes - 5 featured images in the rankings!.

And..worthy of noting here...

Worth of noting, because I don't freaking post to facebook..hmmm I wonder what would happend if I started using it.......not a single post posted to FB by myself!


This is the WAy to Vegas!.

See ya there!.

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Riaz Premium
You can do it, I'll join you :D
DerekMarshal Premium
Haha Terima Kashi!
LLettau1 Premium
Impressive numbers and thanks for sharing.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you.
Funder Premium
Good for you much success you achieve a lot Thank you for sharing I m not hoping will happened to me since I'm out of luck with my sand box
DerekMarshal Premium

You are in luck because you are in the sandbox. This is the best time to flood your site with a lot of high quality content. More time to mature and when you are out of the sandbox - rank for a ton of keywords..and hold your rankings!.
FKelso Premium
You are on a jet plane...keep it up.
DerekMarshal Premium

Gotta keep up this rythm, of posting 2x daily. Currently to writing 3x daily and building a backlog should I need a break or have tech issues... etc etc.
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!

DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks Bob.