So, what's YOUR mindset?

Last Update: March 17, 2016

Just a quickie today for anyone with feelings of self-doubt...

Logic dictates, that the only difference between a problem and an opportunity is in the mind. A problem means that there is - as yet - no clear solution, while an opportunity means there is a chance to exercise creativity and a successful solution.

To the unenlightened, an opportunity is viewed as a problem because they have no idea how to solve the problem. But to the prepared - and thus enlightened - a problem is viewed as an opportunity to reach a solution, and thus to grow!

Therefore, and this is a truth, under the RIGHT mindset there is no such thing as a problem, only an opportunity.

The challenge then, is learning how to be prepared and to take action when opportunities arise. To do this, it is imperative to make the conscious decision to banish the word 'problem' from ones vocabulary... it carries a universal negative connotation; it, along with other words or phrases that evoke negativity, should be substituted with words and phrases that inspire creativity and original thought.

I end today with a couple of quotes; the first by one of my favourite rags to riches entrepreneurs, Jim Rohn:

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren't willing to do. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."

And, one from an unknown source that my late father quoted often: "Success is simply a matter of luck... ask any loser."

Peace, love and regards :)

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BFuerstenau Premium
Hello Derek,and welcome, and luck some times plays a role in our future, but I believe more in dreams,the willingness to dedicate ones self,and positive attitude plays a larger role than luck.I believe we can control our destiny,surely to a certain degree. If you can dream it, you can accomplish it. All you need is the desire and the right tools,agreed! If you truly have the desire,WA has the right tools,and a great community that will help you with all problems within this business.Even when in doubt, did you believe in yourself to accomplish working hard all these years, and provide for your family! You need to use that same mindset now. But instead of you have to, know it's you want to. I'm 58 and knew nothing about WA, and not much more about the computer,and on top of that I've had a stroke,4 heart attacks with a whole bunch of work on it. Killed off some of my heart and brain,and have to type with one finger. But at 58 this is something I thought I could do.I can't go work long and hard anymore,but I still wanted to work,and WA gives me the right tools to make it happen. Even though life has changed, our desire does not!Attitude and mindset go hand in hand,and we will succeed!
Derek101 Premium
Amen to that, and thank you for your comment sir... a lovely picture by the way. You are indeed blessed.
Onwards and upwards eh?
Peace :)
Derek101 Premium
... purely as an afterthought and not to take issue, I believe that we all make our own 'luck'.
Its use of the word is banded about far too readily I fear. 'Luck' is surely not an entity or some mystical being that randomly throws 'luck' in the air for it to be swallowed up by 'the lucky few'?

Many years ago a friend was walking his dog when he found a neckless on the pavement... to cut a very long story short, after handing it in at his local police station, no one claimed it.

He got the neckless back eventually, and after being told that it contained many valuable diamonds and rubies, sold it at auction for £180,000. He invested in property and now has a portfolio as long as your arm... I digress.

Was it 'luck' that he found the neckless that day? Or was it the fact that being a man of routine, he walked his dog over the same route, at the same time EVERY day, and had done so for over two years?

It wasn't 'chance' that he was there, it was his own actions that put him at that particular spot at that particular time.

He himself made that decision... no entity, no guardian good-luck angel was involved in that decision making.

People did and probably still do to this day consider him a 'lucky man'... had he curtailed his walk that day due to laziness, he wouldn't have found it, and, if he later heard about 'the find' he would have without doubt considered himself 'unlucky' and spent months justifying his lack of action with "if only".

We all reap what we sow... if this thing called luck really does exist, then it is WE that create it :)
Tw1 Premium
Very Nice! Thanks for offering an enlightening perspective!
As I start my writing and website building day, I am happy to have this perspective to begin!
Derek101 Premium
Thank you Tom... it's my way of giving back a little piece of the help and encouragement that I myself have personally received here at WA since becoming a member.

Due to illness, plus a house move, I've neglected my site for a few days, so I've devoted the time that I have available to hopefully project a bit of positivity and encouragement to total newbies and anyone else shrouded under the dark cloak of despondency... 'this is too hard' - 'I feel overwhelmed' etc. etc.

You know, all the negative beliefs about our own abilities - lack of - that have crept in over the years and which have buried themselves deep within our psyches? They inevitably rise to the surface like a flaming Phoenix when faced with new challenges.

Only a positive attitude can quell the flames...

Glad to have been of help :)