Palm Sunday and Equinox realisation.

Last Update: March 20, 2016

Hey folks. I have today, come to the conclusion that I've been getting my priorities wrong and wasting too much energy and valuable time by fretting about my WA rankings.

It's all too easy to get side tracked here, and to overlook the fact that, bottom line, we're all here to earn money right?

So... from tomorrow I intend to divert 90% of my energy and time here on improving my site. Prioritising I think it's called.

Have a lovely Sunday. Peace :)

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HarveyBrown Premium
Yes Derek it is called prioritizing, which is an important thing in managing any business or project. Like the saying goes "water finds the easiest path" and so do we. We either start working on one thing at a time, not necessarily the most important, or we pick the easiest . I am sure as you progress that 90% might change. Take care
Derek101 Premium
Thank you for your input Harvey... "water finds the easiest path" indeed!
Respect :)