My Most Loyal WA Follower

Last Update: Jul 10, 2022


Sitting here on Sunday afternoon on my back patio having a great day. Drinking ice tea and browsing through WA as I relax. I'm relatively new to the platform and really enjoying the community and learning I've experienced the last two months.

I've launched two websites and written about seven thousand words to date. It's a start and I'm excited. Trying to put in the work on the front end by following the process.

We all know following the process is key. The first step of course is the importance of an audience to build our businesses. Having loyal followers for developing traffic is paramount.

As I sit here thinking about the content I'm working on for this week, I was struck with a thought.

My most loyal follower will never go to my website. Will never read a blog post and will never click on a link to purchase a single item.

What she will give me though is love, loyalty, non judge mental constant companionship. She'll be by my side for most every word I write. I feel like we're in this WA thing together as she is always next to me in my chair as I create my post.

We all need these people (pets too) in our life.

Who inspires you? Surround yourself with people who will get behind your goals and dreams. People who encourage, lift you up and motivate you.

Angel never speaks (excluding people who come to the door that is), but I've learned a ton just from her mere presence alone. Just knowing others are in your corner brings comfort, peace and a quiet confidence in your efforts. People you know that love you and have your back don't need to speak for you to feel supported.

I've heard it said before that we are a combination of the five people we value and associate with the most? Who are those people in your life? Building the right team around you will help you build your WA business too.

My hope is you find others like my most loyal follower. Enjoy the process together.

Have a blessed day!

Recent Comments


What an Angel!! I just came in from about 10 minutes from getting something out of the car and our dog Sage greeted like I had been gone a month. You're right.. there's no better support.

I know just what you mean, Denny! My two most loyal followers are my Blog Dogs--Shadow & Star! They are brother and sister, and big brother Shadow looks after his smaller sister. They provide encouragement, inspirations, and have even given me an abundance of WA material!


Love this girl 😊

I'll bet you do, my friend!


Welcome to WA! I love how your fur kid is always there with you during your working time. I love that.

I love it too!! Haha. Thanks for the response!

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