Have become overwhelmed....

Last Update: Jun 12, 2012


I have been at this for nearly seven months now, and have actually only made less than $100. I began with one site, because I was told that you should only concentrate on one. Well that site never picked up so I started a "Niche Q" site and at the time, the WA BLOG & FUNNEL. My Niche Q site began to pick up some traffic on a page that really should have been a completely different site altogether so I started a site based on that keyword with that keyword as the URL... My Blog and Funnel site never picked up, and is all over the place in content...its a mess i think? I made some cash off of the Niche Q site ($79 in may, and there is still some cash at clickbank, but not enough for them to cut a check to me yet), but it never carried over to the new site, but that site gets over 20 visitors a day, yet not making cash yet. I am confused. I really delved back into what can be learned at WA such as the WAbinars etc. I didn't miss a WAbinar for weeks and weeks, and just started soaking them all up. Have seen a few more than once even. You would think I knew what I was doing! I have since made another couple sites. An ecommerce site, and than a site that I thought I could do things on such as the earforcex41 site that Jay made. I can't AFFORD to make a .com site for every item that I am able to offer from best buy ( I CAN't USE AMAZON GOD DAMIT because I am In Illinois, usa) so i had to make a general site to offer those items. Kyle and Carson told me to concentrate on one site and get that site cooking so to speak and than worry about my other two sites (at the time) at a later time. I am sure that was solid advice, but what i really needed was advice on which of the three sites to concentrate on. Well here is my perdicament. I have now got 7 sites and I am at the point where you throw your hands up and say "CAN I EVEN DO THIS?" "SHOULD I GIVE UP?" etc....I am disabled and home bound, and in that respect, I MUST SUCCEED. I can't survive off of disability income any longer, so this is impairative to 'get it'. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and need some advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I only have until december before I have to decide to just quit - and I almost feel that depressed enough to do now, but I have invested a few thousand dollars in ths already (my property tax money which I need now and don't have because of this...panic time) and I actually enjoy it immensly, but if I am not succeeding, than what is the point. Please please someone help me decide where I should begin again, which site I should concentrate on or what. I was up all nite in tears over this wall i have hit....


(why aren't those links...hope they end up being links for people to easily check out my sites...)

I appreciate any help given to me and thank you kindly in advance for the time you will spend helping me. Thank you


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Denisara, you have come too far to stop now, please hang in there and continue to let your needs be known here, there is so much help available to you. As has been mentioned, multi sites is a big undertaking, even the big boys have to use outsourcers to pull it off. Zero in on the one you are most passionate about and master that one first, build your foundation then you can build your dream home any way you desire.
Please, Please, Stay the Course.

will do
thanks JP

K&C are correct in saying that you need to concentrate on one website to begin with. They can't tell you WHICH one though, because you need to pick one that you are passionate about. You are going to need to write a lot of articles, post, etc on the subject so it's better if you are actually interested in the topic.

I took a quick look at your sites that you listed and they all seem to be decent starter sites, but it doesn't look like there's much content behind it. (I could be wrong, I didn't click around too much).

I'm not sure what kind of keywords you are targeting, but the sites seem to aim right at the heart of the niche they are in. In my opinion, that may not be the best place to start. The problem is that EVERYONE hits right in the heart of the niche so there is tons of competition. You are looking for that 'sub-niche' that is still on subject but not as general. For instance, instead of just 'marketing trade tools', focus on 'marketing trade tools for stay at home dads' It's still in the IM niche but allows you to focus your efforts more. (I have done NO research on that niche so I don't know if it's good or not)

You don't need to buy a new domain name or anything, that just helps a little with ranking initially. It's the QUALITY CONTENT that you ARE going to add to your site that will get people to visit, trust you, come back, and buy your recommendations.


Very nicely put, Jon.

thanks Jon

Hi Denise, I'm disabled and house bound as well, an accident in 2002 changed my life for me.
There is one site in that list that stands out and shouts at me, this one - http://gameraddictz.com
Gaming - whether it's online, on a pc or a console, money can be made.
You say you can't have an Amazon Account, there are plenty of other affiliate programs that sell games or game related stuff.
7 months isn't very long in IM and what you have achieved in that time is far more than I had.
Please don't give up.
If you need help with the gaming niche, I will gladly help you.


Thnks Neil.
I will keep that in mind. and I will most likely be concentrating on my game site(s) too

Hi Denise

I've had a look at all your sites. Any remarks below should come with a health warning because I am not an expert, I can however, offer some suggestions of things you may want to think about.

1. I don't think you should give up. As you say you have invested a lot of time and effort into these sites.

2. Kyle and Carson are unlikely to tell you which of three sites you should choose. There comes a point where youl have to make a choice and run with it. For me the choice is always the interest - not what you think will make immediate money.

3. Jay always says that the webinars are his own views and just because things work for him, doesn't mean they do for everyone and 7 months is actually quite a short time.

4. I believe you're probably spreading yourself too thinly by trying to run 7 sites when they don't feel completed. I don't know what you're doing to drive traffic to your sites but writing for 7 isn't easy.

5. Are you working to a proper plan for any of these sites? I don't know whether you are but if not you certainly need to be.

I have some specific views on each other sites - but I will send you a pm

Best wishes


wow, thank you for the very detailed PM Beverly. It really helped. you are a Godsend as usual

Hi Denise, just a bit of support from me as I am nearly new here so I can't help with strategy. The best would be help from Kyle, Carson and Jay and I am sure they will answer you shortly.
Just want to tell you that I admire your determination. Basically without it nothing would ever happen. You learned a lot and you are trying hard. There are many of us here in similar situation. Please do not give up - it would be too soon. You can still think how to monetize your knowledge - built webs for others etc. Please be nice to yourself to be able to see bigger picture. Hugs from me.

Thanks Marie, I needed that.

I would get together with Kyle or jay or Carson and have them give you some advice on which site to work on, then start running your site by some members here who are making money who can give you some ideas to try. This is where I am now and it is working. Keep the faith!

Denise, don't give up! I can sense that you DEFINITELY have the skills and willpower to make this happen. it sounds to me like you're in that spot right before 'getting it' and making this work for you. I'll try to have a look later on at all of your sites listed, but I'm sure it would be better for Carson or Kyle to let you know which one to work on til it starts taking off. They have so much experience. But like i say, keep on keeping on. You can DO this!

I believe you have to include www for it to be considered a link. Im not totally sure but I think so

Hi am shanna26 mother of two from jamaica

Hi am shanna, am 26 mother of two from jamaica!!

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