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First off, you need to register at this address:http://trac.filezilla-project.orgYou enter your USERNAME, which will always start with FTP_ and be numbers and letters. DO NOT LOSE THAT. You can look that up if you have your sites hosted here. It’s a sure bet that you can get it from whomever hosts your site also.Then it will ask you to enter your current password. Enter that twice.Then it will ask you for your name, and an email address. This is needed so that they can send you password r
I have been at this for nearly seven months now, and have actually only made less than $100. I began with one site, because I was told that you should only concentrate on one. Well that site never picked up so I started a "Niche Q" site and at the time, the WA BLOG & FUNNEL. My Niche Q site began to pick up some traffic on a page that really should have been a completely different site altogether so I started a site based on that keyword with that keyword as the URL... My Blog and Funnel site ne
May 29, 2012
I can't seem to figure this out. I can link from one 'link' to another page. thats easy. but::How do i link to another "Link/LINE" or Link/TITLE" in either the same LONG page, or another page completely (for like a glossary)Say I have a list of ten programs...I want to list them all at the beginning of the page, so that if someone KNOWS what they want to look at, they can skip the long page to get to it, and just 'hop' there with a link.Or lets say I have a term that is prett
I have a strange problem, and I scanned to see if anyone else had this, but didn't catch it if there was, but I have been working with the serp stars since the first wabinar, and I think I have it down pat, because I am using the quite successfully on other sites, I have everything lined up all pretty on them, but when I test my site on the stars show up just fine, to reinforce that they are working fine. But
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I need some help here. I do not know what I need to do with my first site that is actually the only thing that I even USE commission junction on...whoops. i have it on one more site, but that hasn't gotten any bites either. Anyway, i just got a warning letter from Commission Junction stating that since my account more or less not made any sales, that they are going to deactivate it. Has anyone ever had this happen? I am sure I am not the only fail IM when it comes to just starting out, and