Something very unexpected happened today!

Last Update: July 18, 2020

I'm on my phone when I get a very unexpected, but surprising notification from my PayPal account. It said I got paid! Now it's not very much money at all, in reality, just change, but still surprising and exciting nonetheless.

It said the money came from a website I did not recognize so I went to the website only to discover that domain name is up for sale. This just added to the confusion for me so I went to my PayPal account to further investigate and the transaction actually originated from eBay.

It was actually an ebook that I completely forgot I put up for sale! It's not an ebook I actually created, but one that has resell rights so I decided to give it a shot a few months ago, based on a YouTube video teaching you how to do it. I didn't think anything would come of it, but lo and behold, months later, I got my first sale. It marks the first time I've ever sold an ebook.

I must say, it's kind of exciting. I want to get more notifications like this. This just gives me more motivation to keep on working hard here because what is taught here does work. You just never know when surprises like this one will pop up! :)

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Linda103 Premium
Congratulations Brian, such wonderful news to hear. Fingers crossed you get many more sales.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Brian,

That definitely makes your day receiving such a notification. I hope you will get many more like this.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations 🍾
JeannineC Premium
It's always fun when something like that happens. It definitely fuels your determination to keep building things online to see what else you can make happen. Congrats!
ERichardson1 Premium
Congratulations, and congratulation in the biggest way. May prosperity and good health be always with you my friend.