I got another Job all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: December 18, 2017

Hi everyone,

I actually got more work all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. This is from a website I built within W.A. I got paid a very good commission and I earn a good percentage still on my Website. It was all down to local training in Seo and listening to Wealthy Affiliate and the training.

I actually built an enterprise around this failing business. I am well proud. Parking Spaces London. Was a failing business but now is a thriving one. Not only that because I helped them they came back to me because one of the location Managers That found my website.

They needed to do a retake on one of their programmes but they needed an open top car to film some streets in London. Guess what I had that open top car a Mercedes Convertible.

Guess what From 1.00pm till 6.00 pm and for all in all 30 minutes of driving I got paid £250. For absolutely nothing. So there you have it. Wealthy Affiliate are not just amazing they are absolutely out of this world. Check out my Local Business blog for more insight.


Wealthy Affiliate You are awesome.

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mergie1 Premium
Well done on thinking out of the box and broadening your horizons.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Mergie 1. :)
NickSkellern Premium
Congratulations! Just shows you that this training, hard work and taking action can really help to make real changes.
Thanks fir sharing
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Nick,
The power of Wealthy Affiliate is crazy and it's amazing. I remember once asking W.A bosses if its ok I built this local Website and they said yes, of course, its what I want to do.

The best thing was the number of times I got it wrong and they fixed it for me.
They are absolutely amazing. Site support Bosses at W.A support and Community Support is second to none.

I don't have to sit for days waiting for the support I only wait seconds or minutes. Amazing people.

If I add in a plugin that's not compatible for instance they correct it for me.
I love it here.
You are so right Nick hard work and taking action really helps to make changes.
All the best and thank you Debs..