Affiliate Analogy - Z is for Zone

Last Update: February 27, 2018

Affiliate Analogy Continues….

Z is for Zone

We can look at zone in two ways.

The dictionary definition of zone is very restrictive with boundaries. It is an area set off or characterized as different from surrounding or neighboring parts. A zone is used for a specific purpose.

Wealthy Affiliate can be viewed as a zone. It is certainly different from other online platforms. It has a specific purpose to train and support those that want to learn about Affiliate Marketing. It is a safe place to learn and succeed in creating websites. The community is a group of like-minded individuals with the common goal of being financially independent. We live life on our own terms. Yet, there are rules to follow for participation in this particular zone. Our actions are deliberate and structured when we are working in the Wealthy Affiliate zone. We are able to make mistakes and learn from them.

The more liberating idea is when we are “in the zone”.

This is a feeling that is the complete opposite of the dictionary meaning. There are no restrictions and we are unaware of what is going on around us……being totally focused on the task in front of us. We are out of control in a creative, immersive activity. Time seems non-existent. Our senses are heightened. We don’t see anything but what is before us and we don’t hear any of the distractions around us. It is an exhilarating feeling.

Wealthy Affiliate is a zone but it also helps us “get into the zone”. By providing us with the structure we need to learn, it helps us develop our confidence. The attitude that anything is possible is reinforced. We become our most creative, productive, and best self…. because we have the tools and support to do so.

Have you experienced “the zone” yet? It hard to really describe the feeling, but when you’re there, you just know. For me, it is a creative space, where ideas are free flowing and results come easy.

As my Affiliate Analogy series comes to an end, I can say, “I am in the Zone”! I feel like I could go on writing forever…and that is exactly what I intend to do. However, most of it will be done for my website. I have learned so much by doing this series, which I will share with you in another blog. Until then, I just want to say thank you to those that took the time to read and comment on each letter.

If you haven’t experienced being in the zone, I encourage you to stay involved with Wealthy Affiliate. It will get you there.

We Can Do This Together!

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FTurner8032 Premium
Love "the Zone" I feel it as well. I am a little sad that you are now done with the analogies. I miss it as well but like you am now trying to get back to the "zone" of creating success on my online endeavors.

It has been a privilege to be a part of this series with you and Veronica. It has been fun as well and maybe someday we 3 can think of another series we can to together.

DebbieRose Premium
Totally agree...I believe this helped me to become a more honest and effective writer. It was a great experience for me as well. And all the people's comments really boosted my self esteem. So appreciative!
FTurner8032 Premium
Hope all is well with you. Have not had a chance to chat much lately, but things are settling down a bit now, so back to it.
buffetearns Premium
Being in the zone is a nice feeling!


DebbieRose Premium
Absolutely.....thanks for dropping by!
tobocrs Premium
Thanks, Debbie.... As soon as I saw the title, I thought of all the interviews with athletes where they talked about being in the zone... Now that you bring it up, I recognize a 'writing zone' too, when I get the flow going and all else fades away. I don't even hear the phone, or the kitchen time that coffee's ready — for me, that's radical!
The dog will still pop me out of it, though! When he's gotta, I gotta know!
DebbieRose Premium
It's a great feeling to be doing something we enjoy...and are pretty good at! Hunger usually brings me out! Thanks for your comment.
MKearns Premium
Well written Debbie! I feel like I've been in a writing zone all day!
DebbieRose Premium
It's a great feeling....take time out to eat and hydrate!
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Well done Debbie , it had been a journey for you and you would of learned heaps.

As for the zone once we arrive, the is no going back, and nothing that can stop us for that matter.
DebbieRose Premium
Yes...only moving forward!. Thanks Alex for your support.