Forthcoming black Friday – making the most of it

Last Update: November 18, 2019

Preparations are going on all over the world for the forthcoming Black Friday sale. Sellers are getting ready, marking their prices and stocking up where necessary. Buyers are preparing the list of items and putting aside the amount to be spent. I know folks who have saved through the year in preparation for the forthcoming Black Friday sale. Buyers have mapped of outlets to be visited and strategies to beat the rush that often goes with the day.

What preparation can affiliate marketers make

As sellers are preparing their goods in readiness for the day, so I expect affiliate marketers should prepare to get many more people to access what they need more readily. Affiliate marketers can help buyers overcome the hurdle and rush that often go with physical purchases on Black Friday.

How to partake of the SALE

The reason why I am writing this post is to generate ideas from the ever-helpful WA community on how we can make the most of the day. For example, I am looking at how I can use the opportunity to realise my Amazon associate qualifying sales and more. At the moment, I am grabbling with my amazon native ads not showing. They show immediately they are placed but stop showing afterwards. I have removed pop up blocker on the browser, but the problem persists. Please, how can I solve this problem?

Going Forward

Going forward, what could be my best option? I am in the nutrition and wellness niche and my 7 months old website has started to generate a little traffic and clicks but no conversion yet. What strategy will be best for me? Should I go by using banners from affiliate programs? How best should banners or Black Friday ads be placed on my site? Please, I need suggestions, direction, and useful hints from WA community members who have experienced good times with previous Black Fridays.

Please freely share. I am sure many more in my position will be benefitting from your experiences.



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starfalex123 Premium
Hey Debbie, Thanks for sharing such positive thoughts with us. Congratulation to you for such amazing post. All the best to you on your journey. Let be positive for black Friday. Keep up the good work. May you have continue success with your business.Have a wonderful day.
megawinner Premium
Everyone seems waiting for this! Thanks. Excitement is getting higher!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks, Debbie--some good information!