Small, Must Had To Do Accomplistment!

Last Update: February 20, 2018

Hello to all my WA Peeps and SWAGians

Good morning, Good day, Good afternoon, and good night1

How is everyone doing? I hope all is well with you!

Well, it is another day in my paradise and I am feeling good and will continue to feel good all the time due to I believe that all things lead to my success, happiness and wealth which will create the exact level of my financial success.

So, I am still designing my websites and running into road block which it is expected and is not turning the way I want it to look.

So I set a new goal for myself for this week! This goal will be for 7 days, after the 7 days I will reset it for 14 days and so on, until it become habit and part of my lifestyle!

The goal is to don't complain about anything and don't feel the need as to why I have to justify the things that I am complaining about. I've noticed when you complain, you are focusing on obstacles, the I can't, the not having the willingness to perform, and last but not least the negative thinking which is bringing on all your wanting to complain.

Remember the sub-conscious mind stores everything and will be the driving force of your success.

I am 4 days into my "not complaining goal" and let me tell you, my mind is working differently. I am attacking small projects that I've been putting off due to complaining of not enough time or my favorite line "I don't have time to do it" but I have time to watch a movie. Yes, I like to watch movies. Please don't judge me, Lol.

Let me tell you about my small accomplishments.

  • I created two separate facebook pages pertaining to my two websites to drive traffic to my websites and to also advertise all my affiliate programs.
  • I also did a test run on promoting WA affiliate program for two days keeping in mind I haven't post a lot on the page as yet, to my surprise I received 11likes. WOW!
  • I started a community page as well for my affiliate marketers to discuss any issues, offer help to each other with affiliate programs.

I must say am very please with my progress at this time due to, I accepted the fact that I am all new to internet marketing and I have to give myself time to learn and grow. I also realize that I have to seek other training other than WA training to keep in the game. Keeping an open mind as to how I learn and relate to training and tutorials that I am engage in will help got closer to where I want to be. I have to know myself as to how I learn.

No body started as an expert at the beginning.

That being said. I have to do some serious focusing on my content writing for my websites, blogging and content writing is not one of my strong skill set but as I say, "No body started out as an expert at the beginning," practice makes perfect.

That's all from me today!

Love and Laughter


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JerryMcCoy Premium
wish you the best on staying positive
NCH Premium
Well said!

Love the goal setting!

All the best,

DClarke1 Premium
Thanks NCH!