Excited, Nervous And Overwhelmed at The Same Time!

Last Update: January 08, 2018


I am excited to say that I put my site up for content feedback and I very nervous for the feedback but I will embrace the feedback as it come and make any an all of the positive changes I need to make.

Now, lets talk about the big word Overwhelmed!!!

I am very overwhelmed that all my emotions is running wild as I writing this blog.

You see,

I join WA back in Aug 2017 due to a referral form another program that I am doing with the intentions of setting WA aside until I get the time to come back to it. My email inbox started filling with WA emails so decided to become a Premium member paying the monthly fee and still not attending to the sight due to many programs that I am tied up with and don't have the time to focus on WA program.

So the last two months I've decided to put a action plan into action with all my other programs to accommodate WA.

Let me tell you

I am still lost, with all this website building and foreign languages that is plaguing my life, so I thought, I just wanted to give up and let someone build it for me.

My second challenge came when I have to write contents for my site I wanted to CRY, LOL, but I held myself together keeping in mind that I am a woman of many words and I can do this. I have all the training that I need right in front of me and even though I get stuck I can ask for help again and again and again.

I started thinking who can write about me and what I want to say about me, BUT ME, I just need to settle down and focus "my keyword" these days. I had a AH-HA moment, I was a like kid in a candy store with lots and lots of amazingly good candies, it that's even a good statement but I like it it's my story.

Heart and Mind

What I am trying to say is that when I joined WA my heart and mind was not all in, I was not 100% focus and nothing was falling into place for me. I did not even know what niche I wanted to get into until I put structure to my plan and start setting smart goals for my success and it is working for me.

However, I started out being nervous and overwhelmed but now I am very excited to put my site up for feedback. I am even more excited to receive the feedback I got from two WA members, the feedback was positive and good. My focus, action plan and smart goals paid off for where I am with my site and at WA, I came from a long way.

Let me start over and re-introduce myself

My name is Debbie and I am a people person. I am a supervisor at my day job and a fashion designer which I own my business. I have four wonderful kids and two beautiful grandchildren which I adored very much.

When I am not working or designing my kids and I set to the streets and feed the homeless people and go to the youth shelters to feed the youths letting them know that they are still being loved.

Love and Laughter


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Dhind1 Premium
Keep going Debbie, you have the heart for this as shown by what you are already doing in your life. Design a helping website to compliment your life.
MKearns Premium
Glad you're coming on board Debbie!