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Last Update: November 01, 2018

First off I'd like to apologize to my "WA community" for being the wall flower and not interacting like I should. I'm sort of introvert an observer. I almost always never interact, even tho, I may know the answer to some questions others might have. Keeping to myself is a fault of mine. Trying to stay focused on the task at hand is important its a lot of information to process and put into to action.

While standing in the shadows, I learn what I need to know, being popular and what others think of me is not my goal. Sometimes small talk bores me I'm probably way to serious, but business is business. I can say that; I'm positive that I'm not always sure what's going down and I don't want to add my confusion to anyone else.

I am flowing quite nicely with the procedures in creating a website. The content on the other hand is a bunch of rambling at this point, but is most certainly leading up to something, Something grand! I just know it!!! I do have a plan. Not sure how I'm going to make any money off of it.......because I do not want to be a person that profits off of others like many do when it comes to spirituality or mindfulness matters. I would like to be paid but most importantly I would like to share direction, insight and that anyone can achieve whatever they want and find whatever they seek, we all have that power within us.

However, I still have the dream while standing in the desert of completing this whole journey. I'm still not real clear on what my niche is. I feel accomplished with my website and how it is functioning although the site health says its still "sick". So.... my goal is to get the health up, get the functioning down and then put this all together,focusing more on my content and the purpose as I go.

My greatest success is creating my logo and banner that was a lot of fun. So, designing these things is quite a thrill for me. My success also is writing. I do struggle with the punctuation and such, I'm getting more accomplished though and its really not too difficult to come up with a 1500 word doc. I'm not into blogging and do not want a blog site. The biggest goal is interacting with like-minded individuals who know we are not crazy.

In the next month, I plan on having everything put together and functioning the way it should. I will know more after completing this section of training, as to what the full function of this site is. I'm still looking for the missing piece to the puzzle. It is all there in my head and I feel like a light is about to switch on!! I'm on to something, something big!!

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JKulk1 Premium
A lot of us a bit like that Debra. Jim
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Debra!

No need for apologies ...

Your journey has just begun!