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November 01, 2018
First off I'd like to apologize to my "WA community" for being the wall flower and not interacting like I should. I'm sort of introvert an observer. I almost always never interact, even tho, I may know the answer to some questions others might have. Keeping to myself is a fault of mine. Trying to stay focused on the task at hand is important its a lot of information to process and put into to action. While standing in the shadows, I learn what I need to know, being popular and what othe
August 28, 2018
As the saying goes, I'm not sure who said it someone....Words are like seeds one seed can be a beautiful flower or a weed, which all weeds are not bad, but-you know one seed can ruin a beautiful garden, well not ruin but cause extra work.One word is all it takes to ruin a business deal, relationship, friendship, idea etc... Words are interesting and even if there is no feeling behind a word, depending on how it is used it can make or break anything.People can get offended by like calling your
August 15, 2018
You know those things we take for granite? Electricity, water, internet and phone service? Gas, cars, grocery stores .....people, uh the list goes on., your favorite coffee pot? My favorite coffee pot. Broke this morning it's been a great coffee pot It doesn't owe me anything! Heres the story.....It's been 5 days without phone service... theres fires to east and fires to the west, fires to the south and fires to the north. Very smokey! I never realized how much I use my phone! I
This is a topic, not many will talk about nor think about or even acknowledge. But to those of us who are connected to nature and who love the companionship of these fellow inhabitants, the abuse of animals is very upsetting. Animals on every level are the purest form of spirit and love, in my opinion. They don't care what you look, smell or act like, "they still" will adore you and be excited to greet you. I could not even stomach to get the statistics. It is widely going on not just
My name is Kevin Bacon. I was born on February 26, 2018. It was a cold early morning I think about -9 degrees out in the barn and well. I barely survived. My owner scooped me up and took me to this place where I eventually would call my home- forever. Hi all! This is a short story about "Kevin bacon" he was delivered to me in a paper bag still covered with after birth with a few added bite marks for his first owies. He was pretty much half dead. His cold lifeless little body was wrapped
Well here I excited to be here!! Disappointed because I am not understanding my 'Niche'. Which creates the emotion of frustration. SAD because I dont know what to write about myself! That is sad and funny at the same time. But I think that comes from hearing my whole life that I am different- space cadet etc.. and my difference is weird to most. Although i am not 'different' just aware. Have always embraced my difference.So this is my first 'blog' ever in my entire life. Its go
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