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Last Update: Apr 28, 2022

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Hi everyone!

Well, it took me quite a while (started in 2018) but I broke another milestone on my website. As of today, I have published 250 blog posts since its inception. To get there I have written 460,834 words and an average of 1780 words per article. I know this because I keep a spreadsheet with all my "stats".

It took me longer than someone that works at this full-time, but I did it while still working my 9-5 job and owning/managing a 12-unit apartment building.

I recently sold my apartment building, so my blog writing should increase with the extra time I now have! 🙂

This is not to brag but to show that anything is possible when you persist and believe in what you do! Every minute you put on your website is a minute you gain for the future.

As Kyle so gallantly says in his blog post a couple of days ago: "The effort that nobody sees, is what leads to the actual outcome that everyone sees."

So I say keep on pushing forward and results WILL follow!



Recent Comments


Congratulations on your milestone, Denis. It's pretty remarkable considering you work full-time and were managing an apartment complex.

We own a 6-unit apartment building and I look forward to the day my husband sells it, lol


Great milestone, Denis.
Keep up the energy.

Congrats on meeting that milestone! That's really great.

I like the analogy that you are an overnight success, 5 years in the making!

Congratulations Denis on your blogging achievements and sale of your apartment building. Wishing you continued and greater success going forward.


Great going Denis and many congratulations!

We all move at different speeds.. but as long as we keep moving forward and never give up.. then we will arrive at our destination!

Here's to your next 250 posts my friend!🍻🥂

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