The Virtues of Patience

Last Update: March 03, 2020

Thanks, Son

My son taught me an important lesson in patience. Ten or fifteen years ago, I had little understanding on how computers worked, and was always freezing mine. My son told me that while computers are fast at retrieving information they are much slower at executing commands." Hit the "enter" button once and wait", he said. Don't keep hitting the "enter" button, it's why your computer is freezing.

What is Patience really?

This lack of patience displays a major dis-empowering belief system at work. For what is patience really, but the ability to "delay gratification". As I walk back the behavior, of constantly hitting the "enter" button, it was actually my inability to delay gratification, I wanted to feel the pleasure of that screen immediately, and unable to wait the required time, I would hit commands thus freezing the computer. This behavior in microcosm, is the same you see reflected in the macrocosm of my life.

Addicted to Pleasure

This inability to "delay gratification" has been a behavior my whole life. I started to wonder if this is a belief or an addiction to pleasure. The need to see that screen created a craving for "immediate gratification". Cravings are only present in addictions.

Impatience is a Symptom

So while I may have an underlying belief that being impatient helps solve problems, I'm actually addicted to pleasure. I started to see impatience as a symptom to a scarcity emotion. Knowing that emotions of scarcity will create thousands of stored thoughts, all clamoring to get out and all dealing with scarcity. The mind files thoughts by emotion, they emerge unbidden anytime the emotion is felt, they are repetitive, troublesome and often problematic. Allowing the mind to run through its litany of thoughts, only strengthens the emotion, eventually bringing it into physical form, through people, events, or circumstances coming into your life.

All Thinking is Emotionally Based

It's in this repetitive loop of thinking that most people find themselves, and until people learn that all our thinking is emotional based, they will constantly be trapped in predominate low energy attractor patterns. The mind loves complexity and will never let on that the solution is in your hands. Emotions have energy vibrations that correspond to levels of consciousness. Raise your emotional vibration and your level of consciousness rises.

Emotions Correspond to Consciousness Levels

It's the emotion of courage and our own minds reinforcing thoughts of courage, that start manifesting courageous things into your life. Through a rise in consciousness, we finally understand "The Law of Cause and Effect". Life is lived from the inside out, and whatever we fix our thoughts upon or steadily focus our imagination upon, is what we will attract into our lives, through people, events, or situations. You only need to have faith and believe in yourself.

Everything Happens For a Reason

Never give up on your dream. Utilize every set back and delay to learn and manifest the future you envision. Remember impatience comes from the emotion of scarcity, the emotion dies if you don't feed it. Stay aware, don't let your emotions control you.

As always thanks for visiting, and as always feel free to comment. Thanks, Dave

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Thanks for this post, David!
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thanks for commenting Dave
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Oh how true, Dave.
Many frozen screens later have taught me a bit of patience.
Great post.
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I thought it was the computer. Thanks Dave
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Some good word of wisdom to live by. Thanks for sharing, Dave.
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learned the hard way. I think I was 45 then. Dave
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Wow! Thank-you.
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