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Last Update: April 13, 2017

Hello and hope my WA Familia are having (or had) a great day!

Its been ages since I last did a blog post here in WA so I have put one together today

First off - I Just Reached 300 Followers!

Can't believe this has happened to me so quickly since joining last December it shows the engagement we have here at WA. I haven't had time to do my Follow Backs Yet but I will be taking care of this at the weekend.

So all those that have followed me you will most certainly have a "Follow Back" from me by the time the Easter weekend is up.

Happy Easter (to all those celebrating it!)

Second Thing - My WA Affiliate Site is Progressing.

During my "Getting Started" training I used a different niche site for that training and saw some good progress. When I completed that training I then moved onto the "Affiliate Bootcamp" to see what other skills I could learn with that.

In the End I decided to do an actual WA Affiliate Site for my Bootcamp Training. This meant I now would have had 2 site on the go. I "Struggled" keeping both sties updated and training and working my "day job" so I just decided to concentrate on my WA Site for now.

My WA Site was born at the beginning of February 2017! Following the training:-

- I have some blog posts that have managed to rank between positions 4 - 15 in search results (not bad for a relatively new site)

- I get close to 20 unique visits a day (not a lot but progress)

- I did get 1 visitor who created a "free account" here at WA (but that was all)

- My global traffic rank is 25,288,515 (ha ha ha ha - just thought i put that in there for laughs)

- Finally my "Avg Position" in my "Analytics" for my posts combined is sitting at "83" (again inside top 100 for a new site is a decent average at this stage)

So that's what I have been up to and currently I am at "Affiliate Bootcamp - Course 5 - Lesson 2"

It just goes to show, once again, that training here at WA, whether it is "Getting Started" or "Affiliate Bootcamp" will definitely "Get You Results" as long as you "follow the trainings" and do, "the task based action steps"

If anyone is having any doubts about whether they should continue with WA or maybe frustrated you are not "seeing the results You Want" please take encouragement from my blog post here today.

"I struggled and got scammed - with learning the skills for an online business, for 5 Years!"

It was only when I started using WA Training, and getting help from members, that I am finally starting to see results with the work I have been doing.

Take it from Me - Whatever you do "Stick with WA" its the only Training You Need"

Anyways, sorry for the long post but had a lot to update.

I hope you are all doing great and I am confident I will be able to:-

"Meet Members In Person, - In Vegas, - In 2018!"

Thanks for reading the post & Stay Focussed!

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PatrickM1 Premium
Daymo - Great update. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Thanks for sharing.
Daymo Premium
Thanks for the kind comment Patrick I really do appreciate it when members can take time out of their days to leave a comment for me. Helps to keep me focused too
AGOgden Premium
GREAT blog!
Daymo Premium
Thanks again AGOgden for leaving another kind comment I really appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy day to do so.

I;m enjoying my time here at WA as I'm sure all other members are too (yourself included)
zoeccess Premium
That's awesome progress Daymo, wish you all the best.
Daymo Premium
I appreciate the kind words Zoeccess. I am really enjoying my time at WA and i'm certain you are as well. Keep it going!
paulgoodwin Premium
love the eggs!!!
Daymo Premium
Hahaha - Thanks, Paul though it was appropriate to put that in there as so close to Easter Weekend. Shame we can pick them from the screen and eat em.

Great work on your Sales recently too Well done!