Another Productive Day

Last Update: February 25, 2017

Yes that right folks! Another productive day for me with my WA Education and Implementation.

What Did I Manage To Do?

It's not very often that I get a day off from my day job, so when I do get them it's important for me to make sure I use my time productively.

1- While I do still work on my WA tasks in my spare time after work, my most productive days are when I do get the odd full day off and today was one of those days and I just wanted to write a blog to help keep people motivated and moving forward.

2 - Today I manged to get through 4 more lessons in my Bootcamp course and very close to finishing L9 of Course 2. I just submitted an application to become an affiliate for a site I will be using as a review post for my final task of L9. Once that application is approved I can crack on with the review.

3 - As I dont get much time to really spend on creating my content during my working week, it's my day off that I have to do my content creation. What I try and do is create 2-3 New blog posts.

This process always includes:-

- My keyword research for the posts

- Check on QSR Competition to pick the write ones

- Research topic if need otherwise just write out the content.

- Grammar check it all and proof read to make sure it makes sense to my readers

- Find relevant images (my usual goto place is pixabay (not come into any issues as yet using those images)

- Transfer all the posts I have created from Google Docs into my WA Site Posts Section. Reformat if necessary and add H Tags

- Insert images, internal links, external if applicable and check the preview to make sure everything works before hitting publish.

As I create multiple content in the one day I usually publish one post for that day and any others that I have created I save as Drafts and publish these manually on separate days.

This way my blog has content appearing on it daily rather than sporadic multiple publishing. This alerts the search engines to regular content being on my blog which i'm certain helps with ranking in search results.

To sum up my achievements for today!

I completed 2 new Posts - 1 has gone live and the other I will publish tomorrow

I completed 4 more lessons in module 2 of bootcamp training

Sent an application to become an affiliate for a review I will be posting as part of my Module 2 L9 Task, once that application is hopefully approved!

Ohhh....and i wrote out this blog post for you all.

Thats it!

Going to relax with an Amaretto and Cranberry with ice and watch Match of the Day. I'll pop back on WA Live chat after for an hour to see if there is anyone I may be able to help out!

In the words of Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'"

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Cherlaw075 Premium
Great day of accomplishments, Congratulations!
You are a motivational machine.
Continued success to you.
Cheryl C
WilliamBH Premium
Good work Damian .. great productivity. Cheers, William.
Daymo Premium
Thanks for the kind words William appreciate it

Here;s to more productive days Cheers
PatrickM1 Premium
Damian - Looks like a productive busy day. Enjoy the Match. Thanks for posting.
Daymo Premium
Yeah felt really good to get some good work done as not had enough time during last week with working extra day job hours.

I did enjoy the show as well nice way to relax, More of the same tomorrow before I have to go back to work all week

It will all be good in the long run I hope

Thanks for reading my post and replying appreciate it Patrick

Have you had a productive day today ?