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Last Update: Feb 23, 2021

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I'm a natural-born musician, It runs in my family. My great-grandmother was a Jazz drummer in the 40s. Back in those days during the depression, there were very few women playing drums professionally. She was also a successful entrepreneur, When she retired from the music industry she opened a restaurant where she played drums and cooked till she was around 80 years old and too tired to continue on. A very successful and amazing woman she was. One thing I'll always remember her telling me is most successful songs are really quite simply not a whole bunch going on just a simple structure and well-polished musicians is a recipe for success. Simple enough right? So if I were to take what I learned from my great-grandma and apply it here I think it would look something like this.

0. Build a website

1.Find keywords, 2.Post-Rich Content,

3.Promote Product, 4.Repeat

Simple enough right?

Time to execute.

Have a good day!

David B.

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David. Great post. As a musician myself I have written much that I would now call self-indulgent and some simple. Simple almost always wins.

Yo D the only thing I would add after the first step is to develop your platform(s). Otherwise keeping it simple like your grandmama said is a winning strategy for the ages

Yes sir y

It would seem so, David!


Thanks David, you too.

Enjoyed your post. Great application from music.
It is interesting the process is so simple. And there is a lot of work that happens in between.

One thing we like to do is watch how our site is ranking for what keywords in Jaaxy Site Rank. We also use Google Search Console to get new post ideas.

We wish you much success as you continue repeating the simple process.

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