That's Annoying.

Last Update: January 15, 2019

Well that wasn't a roaring success!!

Still in the process of getting up to speed with the training and it is now time to write my first product review hopefully with an Affiliate Link to Blue Seventy who supply the wet suit I currently use. Their Affiliate page passed me to AvantLink and I completed the subscription process only to get:

"Thank you for applying. I show your Application Id as ........ We have decided not to accept your application at this time.

The website you applied with,, was denied due to limited traffic.

We typically only accept websites which rank well with third party traffic ranking websites (e.g.,, Moz, You are welcome to apply again once you have had a chance to establish traffic by frequently adding unique content, garnering back links from other established websites in your niche and increasing any social presence associated with your website. This will give you a much better start if accepted!"

It is a new website and I am trying to build this out with content, including said product review. So initially I took this a real roadblock and a bit of a Catch-22, but then reading their comments I can see that they are looking to facilitate established and trustworthy affiliates, something that comes across in the training and needs to be achieved by writing quality content. So it does make sense!!.

So my next steps: Try to find another affiliate link to my wet suit, but still write the product review anyway. It's going to be a long process to get established but it looks like such kick backs is just going to be part of it.

Thanks for listening...


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mytreebark Premium
wow that's kind of depressing. Good luck finding another affiliate link.
merlynmac Premium
It is a bit of a catch 22. Does Amazon carry your wetsuit? I’ve had pretty good luck getting approval from them.
Davekirby Premium
Hi, Thanks. I will check them out