0041 - DON'T lose momentum!

Last Update: March 18, 2015

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

After an extended break of about twelve months, during which time I devoted my time to my animal rights and welfare groups on Facebook, I am back, hopefully regularly.

It is very easy to lose momentum, to be distracted from the learning process by the demands of our families, our day jobs, our hobbies, other interests, and 101 other things - and put off until tomorrow what you really should do today. My advice - from experience - is : Don't Do It!!

I know the training here can be like being stuck in a school classroom, but it has to be done, and you can take a coffee or tea break whenever you want, go and watch TV, stroke the dog, whatever, and come back to it later, but whatever you do, come back to it and absorb the information without being distracted.

I never intended being away for so long (no, I haven't spent the last 12 months locked up in case you were wondering) and I am starting over again with the training having learned so much in my first six months as a member here. My highest member ranking was #73 and my absence caused a massive but inevitable drop in rank. My feeling is is that if you want to be a WA affiliate and sell WA to other people you have to have a credible ranking.

I renewed my WA annual subscription because I honestly think that this is the best place to learn internet marketing. It's very hard to find negative comments about WA; yes, I know some people say it can be a bit overwhelming but I'm sure learning to be a brain surgeon, a rocket scientist, or even a car mechanic is a bit overwhelming too when you first look under the hood/bonnet. It's the nature of the beast. Not everyone can do it. Internet marketing is a bit cleaner; no oily engines or bloody brains to deal with, just SEO etc.etc.

As Kyle says, the internet is a global marketplace with 2 billion+ customers - and you are not going to get them all passing a high street shop. It's the best and biggest and arguably the safest place to sell your digital or physical product and as someone who has run a traditional bricks and mortar business in the pre-internet days I can truly and honestly say that the internet is the best place to be and WA is the best place to learn.

So - NO distractions! DON'T lose momentum and DO the training.

Love and Peace ! - Dave.

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Kathy331 Premium
Great post Dave and welcome back. :)
LisB247 Premium
Welcome back and great advice.
emerald860 Premium
Welcome back, Dave!
solidbase Premium
Thanks for the inspiration my friend.
As a pensioner (a poor one at that :) ), who can sit here all day at the computer, I know only too well how easy it is to "get distracted".
Yes, we do need to take a break sometimes to "clear the cobwebs", but these breaks sometimes tend to get longer and longer, right ?
I have tried to condition myself to concentrate the bulk of my time on the job at hand.... things that need to get done right now, and to try and limit my time spent on reading emails, blogs, etc.
Even though I feel bad for not reading EVERYTHING, I believe I must get my business firmly in place first, and then I will have time for other things.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and to remind us to STAY FOCUSED.
floridajf Premium
Awesome! Nice to have you back Dave, it seems like you have come back a lot more motivated than before. You definitely have the right mentality to succeed! Also, don't worry about the rankings here at WA, they aren't going to help you much with the sales that you generate on your site. Here is a good blog that will help you better understand: This will definitely explain a lot. Anyways, NO distractions! :) I definitely won't lost momentum and I will definitely keep up the with the training videos. Thanks for sharing with the community, you are going to be absolutely fantastic!
DaveAckerman Premium
Thank you and thanks too for the link to that blog. I agree totally.
My very best wishes to you for a very successful career in Internet Marketing. - Dave.