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Last Update: March 23, 2015

Hi Guys and Ladies,

For those of you new to buying a domain and setting up a website on it, let me tell you that with the help of www.namecheap.com, Wordpress and Wealthy Affiliate it is SO easy.

I registered a domain with Namecheap, paid for it, transferred the hosting (DNS) to WA, chose a Wordpress theme (by far the longest part) and wrote my opening (About Me) page, chose a temporary header image and published the website for the world to see in less than an hour!

OK, you have to be a premium member of WA to have your own domain hosted by WA, and I was already registered with Namecheap, so it will take you a little longer if Namecheap don't already have your details. Also, you have to know how to transfer the DNS to WA, but honestly, it's incredibly easy with Namecheap.

My new website, with temporary header image (photo) and the welcome page, is www.bustersnuts.com .

Buster is one of my girlfriend's two dogs. He's a real character. I am going to attempt to monetize the site in due course, but the aim at the moment is to develop it as a blog, hence 'The Blog of The Dog' !

I still have to do the Privacy Policy and other pages, but from an idea to a website in less than an hour is incredible, and totally possible with being a Namecheap registered customer and Premium Membership with WA.

You're in the best community. WA to go! - Dave.

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BenORourke Premium
Good going Dave!
tomtitty006 Premium
Someone said to me that I should do a blog on Duke.He is quite a Character with a lot of friends.
bsmith1222 Premium
Good job and keep up the great work!
Christabelle Premium
You are making wonderful progress!
hectoroliver Premium
Thanks for sharing your accomplishment. Hector Olivera