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Here's a slightly unusual productivity tip that I heard today but I'm definitely going to give it a try!Next time you go to the bathroom - leave your phone behind.Instead leave a book there to read. This should be a book which is either relevant to your business or something like a personal development book. You can also leave a notebook and pen there too.Next time you go to do your business, instead of scrolling through social media, pick up your book and read something useful (and jot down so
I haven't really promoted WA for a while so it was a pleasant surprise when one of my referrals from a while ago decided to grab the black Friday deal and become a premium WA member.As their designated mentor it has been interesting for me to look at things from a novice's perspective again and it has reminded me of how daunting some of the things, which many of us probably take for granted, can be.I thought I would share some thoughts, as much for my new referral Naomi, as for any other new me
December 05, 2021
Hey!Just a quick one from me today.A few days ago Koda (Xoda here at WA) put up a post where WA members can drop their LinkedIn accounts for us to connect with each other.I think this is a great idea and personally LinkedIn has rapidly become my favourite social media platform of all.I know Koda gets a lot of his business from it and I have started getting a few enquiries from it recently too - although my business is more B2B than affiliate these days.Anyway, if you haven't seen it, here's the
Hey WA friends!Long time no see! Actually I do still visit WA frequently but usually only to access my websites these days. I hope you are all keeping well and I thought I would just share a quick productivity tip with you that I picked up at a recent workshop.How To Fire Up Your BrainHow often have you sat down to start doing something to build your business and felt like your mind has gone blank and you have a lack of ideas or motivation to move forward?This often happens when your brain acti
Happy International Friendship Day Everyone!Did you even know that today was International friendship day? Me neither until an hour ago when I came across a site that a well-known marketer mentioned in a webinar I attended yesterday.The site is called National Day Calendar and can be found at can go to any month of the year and find out what international and national days are being celebrated that day. Here's a snippet from the current period of internationa
May 22, 2021
Hi EveryoneLong time no see!I'm not a regular visitor to WA these days as I have pivoted my business to working on other projects which are not really related to affiliate marketing (although affiliate marketing will always be part of mine and any other profitable digital business).Today I logged in to read a blog post from one of my WA friends and i got greeted by a notification that it was the 2nd anniversary of me joining WA. Time certainly flies by!Even though I am not focused on affiliate
Do you feel like this when you open your email inbox?Are you met with just a few emails from close contacts, prospects and business partners?Or does your email inbox have so many unread messages in it that it actually takes you a huge chunk of your valuable time to sort through them, read any important ones and delete the spammy, salesy junk messages?Time for an Inbox Clearout!This is a job I do every so often when I start to have more than about 15-20 unread messages in my inbox.Unsubscribe!If
I'm not big on blogging at WA right now but I found a website recently which I thought a lot of WA members might find useful so I thought I would just share it with you.Since we are all in the business of creating content, it's important to find topics that our potential customers are actively searching for and looking for information on.Google trends is one option for finding subjects which are on an upward trend but here's another one that you might find useful:
Just a short post today to let you know about a handy free tool you can use to help improve your writing. I know a lot of people use Grammarly for checking their posts but this is a completely free alternative and having played around with it today I think it's something I will use, particularly for checking email broadcasts before sending.The tool is called "Hemingway app" and you can access it at: give you a quick flavour of what it does, I pasted a few paragraphs
February 18, 2021
We all have an ever-increasing demand for our time and efforts, so finding ways to be more productive and get more done is something we need to consider.One of the ways that many people try to get more done is by multitasking and on the face of it, if you can work on more than one thing at a time you should be able to get more done - right?In my opinion though, to actually be more successful and get more done you should learn how to compartmentalize your life. You can do it by applying total fo