Where are you now Daniel

Last Update: February 15, 2021

Where are you now Daniel.

I have just published a post. I'm editing it now, making sure to follow SEO post title and meta description rules.

In addition, I'm trying to add ToC with Easy Table of contents plugin, adding some affiliate links and some free ads.

I'm trying to optimize my affiliate images with alt text and file name and captions. I'm just following the rules.

I will also like to change my theme to reflect my niche, a good affiliate member commented on my theme.

Moving backwards, I have some SEO issues from my previous posts to fix. l have to add alt tag to every image. l have to fix an uneven internal and external links ratio. My major issue is how to minify JavaScript and CSS files. How can a novice do this?

Moving forward, I have to start a new post and continue with the training. I have a lot going on. I'm multi-tasking now moving forward and backwards.


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BrightSales Premium
You're getting there friend. You wrote that you have a lot going on and that's okay. As long as you are adding to your goals, you will find your path to success. All the best!
Godstrong Premium
It doesn't matter your movements forwards and backwards. Even if you are slow, let it be steady. Go on with seo posts and keep it coming for content is king. Congrats Dan.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like a productive business though my friend! You seem to be doing fairly well!

JEaston Premium Plus
Congratulation on your moving and growing through your progress.
Newme202 Premium
You are here moving slowly but steadily and more confidently
You are growing and making awesome progress