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February 15, 2021
Where are you now Daniel.I have just published a post. I'm editing it now, making sure to follow SEO post title and meta description rules. In addition, I'm trying to add ToC with Easy Table of contents plugin, adding some affiliate links and some free ads. I'm trying to optimize my affiliate images with alt text and file name and captions. I'm just following the rules.I will also like to change my theme to reflect my niche, a good affiliate member commented on my theme. Moving backwards, I ha
February 06, 2021
I'm ready to publish a new post next week. The post has delayed because of research to make it valuable, and also to make sure it follows SEO guidelines. I am also trying to figure out how to better monetize my site before I publish this post.I have also come to realize that rushing to publish posts without optimizing your content, without adding categories and tags, and even without using correct image pixel sizes, without naming your images and videos, will all lower the value of your content
December 16, 2020
Hi WA Members,It’s a surprise. I think my website has been indexed and ranked by Google. Kyle informed me a couple of days ago that my website is now live. Later, I checked my website and saw that I have been indexed, I checked further and I saw 100% ranking by I didn’t believe that because I didn’t understand the google indexing and ranking terms.I was curious and so I entered my keywords in the google search engine I saw my website in the search results. It&rsquo