First sale!

Last Update: July 21, 2018

I am writing today to celebrate some news with you all!

I have made my first sale!

I made a commission of $3.46, its not much but it is my first commission and this makes me excited for the future! But right now, I am going to celebrate because thats what we need to do! Celebrate the small wins, helps you to remeber to enjoy the process of it all :)

I want to thank WA and the commuity for being there in my times of struggle and many, many questions haha. Also to those who left me great comments on my posts which motivated me even if they were just pretending, it still helped me.

I have been utilising facebook and instagram and I am pretty sure that is what has been kicking me forward with more link clicks and brand awareness. So I encoruage you guys if you are new, to get on that social media ship! Of course, creating quality content and following the WA steps to get better SEO rankings is vital and I am doing my best to get on top of that too.

I am starting on Pinterest now, so we will see where that goes :)

Thanks again and I will keep you all updated on my journey.

Cheers! xx

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3tripleA Premium
Congrats. Onwards and upwards. Keep pushing forward. Best wishes
I know how exiting it can be.
Honestly i have not yet made mine here.
But i was like you when i landed an order of $48 from

God, it was so grate.
I remember telling my wife yes we have tested real online money
for the first time.
No scam.
Danielle21 Premium
yes it is pretty exciting that it is slowly but surely working :D
Fleeky Premium Plus
Sounds great!
fleurallen Premium
Congratulations Danielle now it's about repeating!
keishalina Premium
Wonderful start! ... thanks for sharing ... all the best... :)