Tips on providing Site Comments

Last Update: March 31, 2016

Hi, everyone! Just want to provide some tips on things to look out for when providing comments through SiteComments.

  • Comments are specific to the CONTENT presented on the blog post. Not to the layout, the home page, or other posts or pages within the Requester's webpage. Make sure you stay on topic!
  • Even though you may not be an expert or even knowledgeable on the content that you are making a comment at, be engaging! Think how a person who is into that specific niche would see it, and try to make meaningful and interesting observations.
  • If you see room for it.. Be controversial! Remember we are trying to help each other's websites, and nothing stirs up the pot quite like creative antagonism. Just make sure to respect the poster's opinions and avoid being rude.
  • If you are presented with a topic or website that you don't feel like commenting... Don't! Just click on "Offer Comments" and a new one will be presented. Now one is forcing you to write, but if you do make it count!
  • Don't cheat the process. Avoid copying and pasting previous comments you have made, even if just the opening sentence. It is an important exercise in writing which will reflect on how quickly, efficiently and intelligently you can write for your own blog and website.

Do you have any other tips that you feel are interesting to share? Please write them down in the comments!

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Muule Premium
Thanks for sharing, Daniel! Great post!
demarsd Premium
Thanks Daniel, I agree, Dave
JudeP Premium
Good points Daniel, thanks for sharing :)
Marcel92 Premium
Great information. Thank you Daniel.
NicholePaige Premium
These are some great tips. It took me a little bit to really understand the difference between comments and feedback but now that I do I really try to think of what another person would want to see in the comments. If it is a product talk about it from a customer's perspective ect.
DanielLara Premium
Perfect, Nicole! In fact, you just gave me another idea - Tips on providing Site Feedback!