The Importance of Google Plus

Last Update: March 28, 2016

Hey, all! I want to illustrate the importance of Google+ especially for new websites that rank low on authority (such as Getting to know Brazil in Pictures!, my blog about photography and travel tips).

For information purposes, my site is 2 months and 2 weeks old. According to the SiteManager tab I have 20% Site Trust, and according to I rank "0" on Google PageRank URL. That's basically to say that whenever I post new content, the world doesn't come falling to my feet.

I have done a book review for "The Manual of Photography" by John Hedgecoe. This is a very popular book, and one that I knew would be hard to rank for. The keyword I have used is "John Hedgecoe". Please see below the Page 1 results:

"Getting to know Brazil in Pictures!" doesn't actually show up in the first 100 results. However, I have shared the content on my Google+ account, and it is showing up in 7th place, after 3 links by Amazon, Wikipedia and a couple of articles by The Guardian and The Telegraph. I would never, at this point, be able to attain such a high ranking if not for Google+. There have been cases in which I've got two first page results on Google with Google+ shares, one for my personal profile and one for GtkBip!'s.

So... Make sure you don't forget to use it as a tool, especially when your site is gaining traction.

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maphant01 Premium
Thanks, Daniel. Great advice.
DaveJD Premium
Cool, thanks for the tip. Dave.
nags9723 Premium
Wow!! You mean as soon as you created a Google+ page with your website keyword you got ranked from 0 to 7th?? That great!! Sorry I am a bit sceptic if that is the only reason as well? :)
DanielLara Premium
Hi, Nagarajan! Allow me to clarify. I did not say I ranked 7th ONLY because I shared the post in Google+. The post was fully written following SEO best practices, fully in line with Yoast's suggestions, and on a relatively low competition keyword. The Google+ suggestion may even be gone after a while, since it is much more subject to move rank quickly compared to the actual post. What I am saying that among many other things you can do help your post's rankings, sharing them through Google+ will give you an edge, especially for sites that have been in existence for little time.
nags9723 Premium
Thanks bro!! Got it!! Thanks for the tip. I could use any tip for ranking. :)
DIAB Premium
Thank you for this insight.
bidnesslady Premium
Thanks, Daniel. I am really just getting started with Google plus, and many of the other social sites, like Instagram. I think that is great that your rankings jumped. Congrats, and keep up the good work! :)