At Least Google has Recognized The Newbie Page!

Last Update: August 31, 2013

My website the is still such a work in progress that I didn't know if google even new it was there. However I typed Newbie Page into the search and I was number 8 on the first page. Which isn't saying much because I just typed in newbie and search again and I am not even in the first ten pages but at least google knows I exist.

I have got to work on content and still have work to do on the layout of the page itself but I am having fun with it and in time I believe it an be a viable money maker.

Just thought I would ramble about this for a few minutes. I want to say thank you to all of you who contribute to the WA discussions etc. I have been helped on numerous occasions by your suggestions and instructions.

Keep Looking Up!


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Rick Jantz Premium
Congratulations. It's always nice to see our websites in the search engines, means we're doing something right, right?
Bill Carver Premium
Amen to what Skyhorse said. I'm still trying to get everything set up!
skyhorse Premium
A step is still a step. I've had to use quotes to find my pages and some. And then other keywords I haven't used quotes. You'll get there.