My 4th Year of Success At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 11, 2021

My 4th Year of Success At Wealthy Affiliate

Hi everyone

Thought I'd just share my WA birthday! today I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years!

Looking back it's incredible how much Education I have received considering I jnew nothing about websites.

I must admit Affiliate Marketing is not something I have quite mastered yet but saying that as I said last year, this platform is so much more than Affiliate Marketing.

The Edication I have been priviliged to receive has enabled me to set up various business's that have evolved over the years.

I run a stock forecasting website with a subscription service and affiliate program now and also a recruitment business, along with my Niche websites plus an Amazon fulfilment business.

Keyword Advantage

The the keyword skills learnt here have enabled me to write better adverts, allowing for them to be jumped up the queue against competitors.

This has also been an advantage with listings on Amazon and Ebay.

Results in The last Year

So as with most of the community and the world, I have had my struggles in 2020, the funniest one (my friends found it funny anyway), was being in lockdown for 5 weeks with my Ex-wife! (long story!)

Luckily we are good friends and have a strong co-parenting partnership and though it best for both of us to be with our sons as one has special needs and was finding it hard to cope being stuck at home.

Moving on to my results and why I am grateful to have completed another year using my Wealthy Affiliate skills.

After calculating my year end turnover through all Wealthy Affiliate linked income streams, I acheived a $60,000USD turnover in 2020.

This would not of been possible if I had not been here !

For people just starting out who might be frustrated at not seeing results, remain consistant as you never know what you can apply your education to, you will be surprised how versatile your Wealthy Affiliate Knowledge will be once an oportuntiy presents itself.

Stick to the plan, stick to your goals and be patient as it is not a srpint!

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Congratulations Darren a milestone worth celebrating it is good to see you that you are still going strong.

We are all here and still learning, not a day goes by and something new arrives on the door step of our online journeys.

Patience makes for the ideal online journey.

Have a great year and best wishes.

AmazeCPS Premium Plus
Hi, Happy WAb'day For you!. Good Luck your Achievement.
Try to achieve your target this year.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
ShirleyDesro Premium
MiaL Premium Plus
Congratulations on your successes here Darren. Your lockdown sounds 'interesting'!! 2020 was certainly a weird one.
dalwhu Premium
Hi Melissa

We did make people laugh when we told our story in the supermarket queues ha ha