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Last Update: May 20, 2017


Has anyone ever heard of this before? I first heard it a couple of years ago from a property investor giving a talk on time management at a seminar I attended and I must say it's served me well.

Our time is precious and I dare say most of us have other things we do other than WA as I have a business I run with 2 other directors so I have to put my share of work into that as well as I am laying down foundations for another business aswell,

I have used the 70/20/10 method with good effect so how does it work?

its really simple !! All 70/20/10 is you breaking your day into percentage you then spend 70% on your main project, 20% on the second and 10% on your 3rd if you have one if not use that 10% of time on admin.

I also write a to do list within each time slot so I know exactly what I can get done with my time.

how do you manage your time?

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Nice, thanks.

Nice! Thanks.

Your Welcome M

LOVE it, Darren. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks I will use that great advice

Thank you glad I could help!

I had not heard of this, but it makes sense. I will incorporate this into my schedule

great stuff, let me know how you get on as If I've helped someone with what I've shared that would be an awesome feeling!!

Thank you for your interesting blog post, this sounds like a very interesting theory and it is great that it has worked for you, I think I may have to try this!

I do actually have a list that I work to, but splitting the time between various jobs sounds like a good idea.

It's a good little technique and can always be applied to other things aswell.

Hope it works for you !

I believe it will!

Great news Roy!!

All the best


great post and a helpful hint. Thank you.

Your welcome and thank you

Excellent post! Time management is a great skill to master and it's one of my favorite topics to discuss. I manage my time with a good old fashioned paper planner that I could not live without. I use it for my calendar, my to do lists, reminders, thoughts, gift lists, etc. For all of the technology that I enjoy in my life, my brain wants a pen and paper to remember things and you have to go with what works for you.


I totally agree, I use acwhit board and an A3 pad to brainstorm aswell.

I feel better organised now

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