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Hey, my names Dale & welcome to my WA profile.

For me, generating a full-time income online was always a dream but I never thought it would be possible for me to actually achieve it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it turns out that it was!

Thanks to affiliate marketing I've been able to leave my job as an electrician & now I do this "internet marketing thing" full-time, working remotely from literally wherever I can grab an internet connection.

Whilst it didn't happen overnight it's quite crazy that it happened at all - considering that back when I first started out I'd never even heard of affiliate marketing before.

It just shows that as long as you dedicate yourself literally anything is possible regardless of who you are or what background you've come from.

I love being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, the people here are so friendly & it's great seeing new members joining & finding success online.
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SusanCarter2 Premium
Good morning, I had aweb site with you Gramasoupsherbs.com
It was deleated due to having to cancel my membership. Now im back when I tried to bring up an rebuild Gramasoupsherbs.com I get an error message


can you tell me what I need to do. I deleted it a couple times. and still nothing

Help please
Susan Carter
Dale123 Premium
Hi Susan, sounds like a technical issue which would be an issue for SiteSupport - you can reach them by clicking the “Help Center” link on the left menu :)
ainaarix Premium
Hi Dale, started this business because saw your honest and great review about making money online. Thanks for inspiring people like me;) I am working right now on research in my niche. Trying to figure out how effectively to build a content on a website. If you have any tips will be happy to see;)
Dale123 Premium
That's awesome, thanks for that I appreciate your comment. Glad to have you here & as long as you follow the training I'm certain you'll do really well. My tip is simply to stay consistent, the training is proven & providing you stick with it you will find success :)
ainaarix Premium
Thankk you I wil do my best this time.
Hey Dale! I cannot seem to make up my mind on which niche to choose as my business. I have a few ideas I would like to share with you. Let me know which ones you think would work best.

1) Baby swimwear. (can it be both boys and girls or do i have to choose a gender?)
2)Cute stuffed animals for kids and some people buy them for their dogs too!
3) Party games. (Cards-Board games)
4)Cool mugs with different designs. (I was also thinking about disney mugs but i'm not so sure)
5)Laptop cases
6)Long boards
7)Cute medium sized blankets
8)Blankets with sleeves! (snuggle blankets)
9)Baby cribs
10)Baby monitor with breathing monitoring
11)Camera lens for your iPhone

This will be my first time to start a niche business online so it is a little overwhelming. Please help me out. I want to make a decision and choose my niche so that I can get to work as soon as possible!

Thank you so much,
Dale123 Premium
Hi Gina, not gonna lie they all sound good :)

Purely because I once searched for a camera lens for my iPhone, I say go with that one :)

As soon as one gains traction you can always begin work on another. Here at WA you can create a whole bunch of niche sites.
CWH1 Premium
Hi Dale

I wonder if you can help advise me? I'm trying to decide which way to go with Wealthy Affiliate. How did you first approach it?
Did you firstly begin with The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training or Affiliate Bootcamp? Do you sell physical or digital products or trainings etc? Is it imperative to have a blog site whichever of the two options of training we take at Wealthy Affiliate? I am currently developing a membership site that will deliver video training each month over a year in the traffic generation niche. With this in mind it will be a membership service i'll want to promote in the overall scheme and possibly other stand-alone training products.
Can you suggest a way forward?

Dale123 Premium
The OEC training is definitely the 1 to go through first - that will then set you up for the Affiliate Bootcamp.

I have a variety of niches - and I've dabbled with everything, though primarily I promote digital products. Just easier in my opinion :)

And yes, ideally you will want to have a site in place (you'll see why as you progress through the OEC training).

With regards to the way forward, I recommend going through the OEC - getting an understanding, building out your site (as you progress) and then afterwards you can look at adding membership plugins to pursue your membership site idea :)

Hope that helps.
CWH1 Premium
Thanks Dale and for the speedy response too :)
Hey, i saw that you wanted me to leave a comment and ask any important questions i have. So here goes:
What do i do next? What is the most important steps to take that can get me to the point where i no longer need to go to work at 730 am every monday to friday?
Dale123 Premium
Hey buddy, I left a message on your profile with steps outlining what to do - I also put a link to the ‘Getting Started’ training.

If you missed it, here’s the link again: Hope that helps :)