Great Niche Selection

Last Update: June 14, 2018

I was out jogging this morning and saw this pick up truck with a nicely done ad on it's tailgate. It really caught my eye because it was the perfect example of a niche. It's obviously an offline business, but the principal is the same - find an audience/need, provide a product/solution. The business is a pretty good idea actually.

Think about how many times you've had a small project you needed done. The installation of a ceiling fan, a small logo made, one flower bed redone and mulched. You feel silly calling a 'professional' in the field because it's not that big of a job, and to make it worth it for them, they're going to charge you quite a bit. Wouldn't it be great to find someone that does just that little task and charges a great price?

This company does that. They found a great niche. Just think about how many homeowners need just this done -

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RAFStuart Premium
Interesting thought.
louisaparson Premium

It is ironic that you mention this particular service since my fiance and I do this in our local area. We are Let Me Help Fix It: A Division of Nelson Contractors for those handyman jobs that seem too small for local contractors.

We get our exclusive leads from Networx and do repair & remodeling for customers who feel their job is too small for local contractors to bid on.

We just had a plumbing job yesterday that we completed in a 24 hour period where an elderly woman had her water turned off because she had a custom leak.

it was a very muddy job that most contractors wouldn't touch for less than $500. We were able to bid the job for less than $250. She was elated that we got her water turned back on and that she had money her bank account to get it fixed.

All the Best,

JerryMcCoy Premium
You can find a great niche almost anywhere. The trick is to have a passion for it and the desire to make it happen.