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idm Premium
Thanks for the add!
dabears Premium
we definitely will!, thanks for the response. got a question. with this "getting started" thing, am I supposed to go through the readings and then just start article writing and then put them out there , basically getting right to it or do I just read through it and wait for the next week of training to pop up then do the same. I'm 100% new to how this works
Pixote Premium
AH, I was beginning to think I was the only Bears fan on the site. (I hope I am making the correct asumption, LOL) Greetings! I post at a forum called TalkBears.com where there is a poster called dabears, not an unusual name for a Bears fan. Best of luck to you! We will have to talk football sometime.
dabears Premium
hey everybody! just signed up. this is a ton to take in and figure out. anyone with tips on the best way on getting going with all of this are welcome. thx, look forward to talking with new people