I Just Changed From All In One To Yoast

Last Update: August 10, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I decided to try Yoast. I have heard so much about it and how it is favored by many.

I have been contemplating trying it but was not sure if I could do it easily and not mess up anything.

Well, I just did it and it was super easy! Yoast guided me and imported my settings from All In One without one glitch! All I did was download and activated and followed the prompts.

So if you are thinking about trying it I say go for it!

The site I implemented it on is a fairly new site with only a few pages and posts. I have another site that I want to change to that is a lot older with more going on. I plan on putting yoast on that one too. I really think that one will go smooth also.

I really like Yoast so far!

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Catwoman1459 Premium
I love Yoast, it has helped me so much with my writing and rankings. If you are interested I created a tutorial to help you use the Yoast sitemap feature.
Cynthiah1 Premium
Thanks so much. I will check it out!
accad Premium
I am now using Yoast. The good thing about it is you will at the start of creating your post be guided to have your keyword, the slug, the meta tag right and also the readability.
shelley8492 Premium
I switched recently also. I like how it helps you check your posts to make them better.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I heard a guy say bad things about Yoast today. I think on all of our sites we are using all in one but I would have to check with Jay to be sure.

MKearns Premium
God move Cynthia. You are moving between two of the best!