Through The Threshold

Last Update: November 18, 2014

Through The Threshold

People often find themselves looking through the threshold, faced with tremendous opportunities, whether small or large, all with the ability to help them grow and succeed. What happens to most of them? Nothing, they stand there in the threshold of their dreams and never move forward.
Fear, self-doubt, and outside influences, causes many people to freeze right outside the doorstep of the success that they have been desperately looking for, what they have been fighting and giving up their free time for.
The difference between the ones who have made it to where they want to be and the ones who didn't, is that the successful didn't let fear stand in their way, they knew that the fear was only in their mind, and the mind can be overcome. The mind can be rewritten, rewired, and refocused on success. It can be trained to look only for the good and positive, it can be reprogrammed to see only the way pass obstacles. But this can only take place through the efforts of the individual. No one else can give you the power to change and move forward, but you. Yes, you can receive encouragement from others, but ultimately it is up to you make the mental shift to go after your dreams no matter the challenge. Dreams die every day due to fear, don't let fear kill yours.

Take The First Step

The first thing you need to do is take the first step. No matter the fear, the doubt, what others may say, taking the first step will allow you to look your fear right in the face. Your fear will start to die with this simple act. The voices that tell you that you are not good enough, will be replaced with the those of praise for this first in a long line of successes. I congratulate you now on taking the first step towards who you are going to be. Just like the faith I have with who you are moving towards being, you have to have for yourself. What Happens Next? You take another step, and then another, soon your momentum is starting. It's as if an avalanche has started moving down a mountain. It moves with such ferocity and speed that nothing can stand it its way. It may run into an obstacle, but a way around or over is always found. That is the way it will be for you, and just like the avalanche gathers more snow, people and opportunities will be presented in your life to add to your power. Let nothing stand in your way.

Welcome To Your First Step.

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kholmes Premium
Wonderful scenario for facing your fears. Some may not be as groomed in certain areas as others, but in time and with training anyone can improve on this or even find a unique style they weren't even aware that they had. Dream on, move forward and never give up.
Thank you for a great post. :))