Guess Who Got Covid?

Last Update: April 28, 2021

That would be ME! Wonderful - Good Grief.

I'm doing ok.

Just waiting out a 10 day Quarentine.

I'm hoping maybe by tomorrow I'll feel good enough to be on the computer all day.

Gotta make the best of it.

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cvarr Premium
Thank You for the support everyone. I am doing so much better today. I have till the 5th off from work so I lost a few days working on my internet business but I will not lose the next 6 or 7 - not sure if I can go back on the 5th or if its the 6th -

I've had a very mild case of it. I thought anyways. I had a bad headache for 24 hours straight and that finally broke - then after that I just felt sluggish and like my eyes had been Lifting weights!!! Today the pressure seems gone and I feel more like my normal self.

This is proof that we all need to make our online businesses work. I will be out of work 10 days with no pay at all.... so if my online business was doing well that would be ok.

If I take anything out of this at all it's a need to really push and make this a reality. I go through the training here and I try everything suggested. I need to try harder I guess because so far I haven't made any sales, no commissions but I am not giving up.

I am an Amazon associate and I got a warning that I was going to be dropped because I haven't produced any sales. I have 70 days to get something to happen or I will be dropped. I keep posting on facebook and I have my leads on my website. I am not getting much traffic to my site.

Suggestions would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED - especially now that I have all this time to devote. And finally a clear head enough to be creative and constructive.

Hit me up with ALL Your Ideas, tips , tricks, advice. I am all OPEN EARS.

Thank You Everyone.

BarbaraBC Premium
Glad you feel a bit better. I've no tricks; I'm still plugging away. Just keep publishing good content with great keywords!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
🙏 that you will get well soon, Connie!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Get well soon.
Newme202 Premium
So sorry to hear Connie,
Please take care of yourself
Wishing a speedy recovery for you
Dadaz123 Premium
My sympathies, cvarr! I pray you get back to your feet soonest.