The Hidden Art of Following

Last Update: May 25, 2014


This is more an observation than a question.

Perhaps someone can clear up the mystery in the art of "following". Everywhere I go in WA these little green rectangles with rounded corners saying “Follow me” keep following me around. They are sitting there under a row of profile pictures on my Profile page.

Then they are there in amongst all the discussion pages next to anyone I haven’t followed yet. And again in other places but of course never under people in my group.

And then of course I find them on people’s profiles but this time they are almost 3 times the size. Aha! That should be a clue.

So which ones out of all of them should be pressed?

Maybe there’s a 'Follow Me' protocol somewhere, a book of rules, hidden away which tells you which ones to use and those you don’t use. How many at a time and when?

You see about a month ago I got so curious I tried it out. I clicked on all the “Follow Me” buttons under the profile pictures in my profile and I wrote down the profile names.

A month went by but not one of those people followed me back.

So I came to the conclusion that the small green rectangles are only a notification or an invitation that these people would like to be followed and some homework needs to done. One should go to their profiles first to check them out. If what you read and see is of interest then it would be good to follow them.

Now I don’t know if that is true……….do you?

What I do know (for all the newbies) is that when you have replied to a follow or someone has replied to your comment back, is that it is very beneficial for you to click on the Like button which helps them and you!

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I agree...Thank you for the comment.

Good post, Simon. But nobody can control other people's behaviour, you are free to deside who you follow or don´t.

I follow back people that follow me. I think if they find me important enough to follow, I can return the kindness.
Click on the FB "like" if a post is very informative or helpful.

Just click the green box that says follow and don't worry about what others do. You did your part.

Thank you Cathy, Life is too short to take it too seriously especially when we are in the "late afternoon" of our lives. Yes, I agree. Have fun.
God bless you too Cathy.

Hi Simon! Fun stuff you've written here. Life is short - keep it simple and keep it fun! God Bless! ~Cathy

Glad that I am following you. I get to read your interesting post like this one! :-)

Thanks Wonderman over there across the desert of the great Australian Bite, or is it Bight. We have a new person in our group just joined from Western Australia. I will have a look for him and I'll pass on his nom de plume. Cheers, Simon

Dear Barry my friend, This was a tongue-in-cheek ironical blog not be be taken too seriously. The real purpose was some humour and a message to newbies to click on Like at the end as so many newbies have not picked up on yet. Written in a spare hour on a Sunday Evening.
Cheers, Simon

You can not control the behaviour of others, so I rarely focus on it, I find, on theses type of websites where there is a community, people tend to concentrate on the community, rather than the business at hand, which is to create a profitable business
It is to easy to get drawn into trivia rather than face our own personal fears which usually involve getting our website out there, and it not being as easy as we thought, as we all have to get it wrong, before we get it right and that is a very uncomfortable, but very necessary experience


There is no real art of following. Some people always choose to follow back when someone follows them. Some people just choose to follow a few people and some choose not to follow anyone. The number of people you follow doesn't reflect on how much you may communicate or interact with other people in the community. Personally I rarely follow anyone these days- because I check what new information is coming in most days :) Beverley

Yep, Thanks Beverly. It's not vitally important. Cheers, Simon

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