Wishing That WA Videos Were Chromecast Enabled

Last Update: December 14, 2016

It would be nice to be able to sit on my couch and watch the training videos while I take notes, or follow along on my laptop. Sure I can use my iPad and get the same result, but casting the WA videos to my television would be a little more effective because it's bigger and I can see better.

What 's required to make that happen I wonder?

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Mark1957 Premium
If your TV is a modern one you can just connect your laptop and TV using an HDMI cable to watch your WA training videos on the TV. Use a wireless mouse so you can sit on your couch and control your laptop and watch the screen from a comfortable distance.
If you have an older tv that only has scart sockets you can get an HDMI to scart converter and connect them up via the converter and an HDMI cable. Again, use a wireless mouse to control your laptop.
Or you can "cast" your phone to your TV using the Chromecast gadget......all three options are straightforward and will allow you to see your laptop or phone screen on your TV screen.
Good luck
LeeCraven Premium
Stream it from your laptop or your phone to chrome cast?

Use http://getvideostream.com/ or something similar. I stream from my iPhone to apple TV but from what I see in Google search, this works also. (I could be wrong, that's pretty common haha).