May's work done

Last Update: May 31, 2020

Hello Everyone and a happy June 1st to each one. I have had a rather slower start getting things done in restarting with WA than I intended, but progress has been made. As everyone know I had a minor surgical procedure done on May 8 which slowed me down for a couple of weeks.

However, I spent those two weeks, thinking about what I wanted my niche to be. I was tossed between two things that I like to do. I finally chose the one that I most wanted to do and so off I went.

Once I had chosen my niche, I created a routine for my day in which I felt I could be more productive. Call it planning if you want. I call it my routine. I'm generally an early riser, so I start my morning with a quiet time of prayer and Bible reading. If I do not do this first, my whole day is just messed up. This time is usually one to two hours, sometimes longer, depending on my prayer request.

After my quiet time, I start reading WA posts, commenting as I go, and sending thanks out for encouragement given. I read posts until noon, then break for lunch, which I take an hour for. I also take a couple of breaks throughout the day to walk around and just rest a bit. I read to end my day around 5:00 pm unless the creative must is flowing, then I continue until the words stop flowing.

If I have a lot of emails (posts) backed up (which I do), then I work on Saturday answering those. Sundays are sacred to me and no work is done, except to read a few posts.

I have been going over the training in the afternoon and working on my website. I started over in the training to get a better grasp on the information in the training than I had when I left in February.

My website is built, but I am having problems, which I think might be related to the theme that I am using, so I might be choosing another theme,

However, I am not going to let this hold me back. Because of this wonderful training, this wonderful training I now have the knowledge in which to do this. Thank you, Kyle and Carson for building this great platform.

I apologize for writing such as lengthy post. I didn't intend for it to be this long, but the words started flowing and I couldn't stop them. Thanks or reading and any comments would be appreciated.

Take care


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Twack Premium
Sounds like you are well on your way to creating exactly what you want Charlotte.
Having a routine that your able to stick to is key, I think. The technicalities will get oroned out, as they always do. I found that there has always been a solution to even the hardest of 'head scratchers'
Mark1957 Premium
Having a routine certainly helps Charlotte!
If your theme isn't Generate Press you might like to consider using that instead.
It's very popular and gets good remarks from most who use it.
There's also some training on setting it up properly which you might find useful from fellow member MariaDale.
Search for her trainings on the q bar at the top of your page here if your interested.
Good luck
AlexEvans Premium
Good day at the office, Charlotte, making progress can be such a confidence boost.
DarrenNicola Premium
Well done, Charlotte.
Getting a good routine in place is vital.
All the best and keep it going.
Nicola gets up early for Bible study every morning.
I am not too far behind her as I start the day with the word on audio.
That and a good brisk 45-minute walk is the best way for us to start the day.
Darren :)
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
So glad you started a routine and are working through the training again.

Things look like they are working out for you this time around.

Best regards!
CStauber Premium
They are. I'm understand it a lot better now.

Take care
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
That's great, Charlotte.
I'm glad for you...