Is Positive Mindset Hocus Pocus?

Last Update: July 16, 2019

A lot of successful people talk, and write, about Positive Mindset. If you're already in that frame of mind, then you will find yourself nodding, and reflecting on the change it has made in your life as you continue to read this.

But for those who are just discovering the concept, the term 'Positive Mindset' can sound like an illusion. So if you want to share the idea, without coming across as a creepy magician trying to sell your audience "The Secret" (which is great, by the way), why not explain it in layman's terms?

Mindset is Developed

First off, all people have a developed mindset that is the result of years of their personal life experience; growth, education, work, relationships, etc. This mindset is formed through habits that arise from various, and numerous, life events.

There is no "Easy" button one can push to instantly have a positive mindset. It needs to be learned, and it needs to be developed.

Before you go touting the many (wonderful) life-changing books, courses, and conferences, offer a simple verbal preface:

* Mindset is the long-term culmination of one's thinking habits, and positive mindset is the attitude that positive thinking habits create positive results. *

There's a saying that I love, I use, and I know I have mentioned here at WA previously. It says, "Whether you think you can, or can't, you're right."

Very powerful words.

Think about a time that you felt challenged, or defeated even, by something you were trying to do, to the point that you told yourself "I can't."

The second that you tell yourself you can't, you've mentally given up. Your mind is made, and you are done. You won't do it.

Now, I'm not saying that by changing your words around, you'll be able to do everything. I'm saying, that Little Engine That Could knew what he was doing.

When you get in the habit of saying "Yes, I can," you try harder. You don't give up. And guess what that does each time you do it? It adds up. It becomes an inner driving force that develops your mindset. Your Positive Mindset.

Allurement without Wizardry

When you teach the concept and power of positive mindset, remember to portray it for what it is... a skill.

There's no voodoo. It isn't witchcraft. It's a skill to be developed, and anyone can do it. Anyone can learn to make the choice to respond differently in thought and action to produce a more desired outcome.

It can help those with negative attitudes, those who are depressed, and those who need a solution to stress management lead happier and healthier lives. It can help the optimistic, motivated, and driven, to a more successful life.

It's not just a mental trick. It literally affects your physical well being. When you consistently think positively, you improve your mood, increase your confidence, reduce your stress, and make life better not just for yourself, but for those around you. It can have a profound impact on you and your surroundings.

So, when you find yourself enlightening someone in the ways of Positive Mindset, forego the hocus pocus talk and teach them how changing their daily habits can reprogram their mind and lead to a better quality of life.

A Quote to Ponder

Zig Ziglar once said...

“Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don’t give up.”

And those who don't give up have the power of Positive Mindset! Without it, you'll never make it to your "best things!"

BTW... Zig Ziglar also said...

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."

Remember, Positive Mindset is a learned skill that must be developed and habitually practiced for best results! It is not one action, but a way of life!


Have a great day,


Do you recall when you first learned about Positive Mindset?

Has Positive Mindset made a difference in your life/ your business?

What's your favorite positive mindset quote or book?

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Tohin Premium
This is such a great post, Cris!
I first learned about positive mindset when I was a kid through these popular sayings amongst my folks "actions are judged according to intentions" and "what we do is oftentimes a reflection of what we think about".
Even though I didn't have a deep understanding of those two sentences (I mean what would a 7 years old kid know about that--not dumb though as I could get the gist of it), I still always adhere to it and treat it as a compass that guides my thoughts and ways.

Anyways, my recently read favorite positive mindset book would be "The Alchemist".
It is indeed a great read for anyone who is interested in appreciating the philosophy of our minds and how integrated our minds are with the power of nature and/or faith.
cris1018 Premium
How wonderful of your parents to expose you to such thinking at a young age. You said it perfectly, "treat it as a compass." Thank you for including your book recommendation. I intend to look that one up!
Twack Premium
So many great thoughts here Cris, a comment couldn't do it justice. Also I'd end up going off on one. I totally agree that it is a learned skill. Our default tends not to be one of positivity but like all things we have to start small and build up. Plus you have to be realistic about your expectations.
Unfortunately there are too many that are ready to dismiss the whole idea of the 'law of attraction', out of hand. That's a shame because it creates a 'stigma' and stops some from even trying it.
I've been aware of and using various techniques for over ten years now. Saying that, one of my all time favourite books was 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' by Richard Bach and I read that over thirty years ago. More recently it was 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior' by Dan Millman (Followed by more of his work)
"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude". ~ Zig Ziglar
As an opposite to reinforce the 'attitude' a favourite of mine is:
'Closed minds, close doors' and that was mine.
An exercise I did once for a few days was to say 'yes' whenever I was asked to either do something or give permission for. Luckily the children didn't cotton on. It was quite liberating as I found that I had been saying 'no' more than I realised.
See, told you I'd go off on one.
cris1018 Premium
Thank you for adding your thoughts, and for the book recommendations. I'm going to look up "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" as I'm not familiar with that one.

I, too, did the 'say yes' exercise when I first started practicing positive mindset (about 20 yrs ago!). The idea felt natural to me, as I had a pretty positive attitude to begin with, but the larger concept was eye opening at the same time. What a release! It feels good living a positive lifestyle! One of the most important things I think I can teach my children.

I catch myself now and again as well, and eat my words as they are coming out of my mouth. It is definitely something that we need to give conscious thought to and practice daily.

Thanks, again!
Matt105 Premium
Awesome post Cris! I'm inspired by Zig Zigler ever since my college days. First time hearing it in high school. Favourite book is Born to Win, definitely a must read for a positive mindset mentality.

cris1018 Premium
Thanks so much for sharing, Matt!
BarbaraBC Premium
Don't recall the first time. But in my long life thus far, I know what kind of people I like to hang around! Those that are positive! The Debbie Downers drag you down with them. I have a friend that is legally blind but he finds great joy all around him. His laugh is contagious. I want to be more like him!
Thanks for great post.
cris1018 Premium
Yes, inevitably, you attract 'like' people. Better to attract positive ones! Sounds like you have a great friend there :-)
FKelso Premium
Interesting -- I just wrote a post for my WA website about habits needed for success. The article was on digging down and finding the habits that are limiting your progress, and then replacing them with a new one.

These habits help establish our mindset. To develop a positive mindset, we have to seek out and change limiting beliefs.
cris1018 Premium
Absolutely, Fran. The road to change can be harder for those who have bad habits to break. Thank you for commenting!