Competition In Google is a Funny Thing

Last Update: February 06, 2014

On webmaster tools today I was looking for page ranks so many of my posts are ranking 1 but my landing page for one of my sites was page 5 I thought thats odd then I looked at the competition LMAO I now know not use that phrase in my keywords.

Still though allot of my keywords have yet to be shown It really makes me wonder when the blitz of traffic is going to come. Over 100 of my keywords that are low hang fruit have yet to be impressed.

Thanks to Bing and Yahoo I get 900+ visits a month to my sites but I'm sure that If I keep at it at least one of my site will become an Authority. Most of the keywords that are being impressed are in number one position on page one. So I know I'm doing things the right way.

Anyways I have never been so full of optimism! I try to work 10 hours a day. Ha Ha If I'm at my desk I like to call it work but really I'm just playing. The only time it feels like work is when customers come in and I have to proses them.

I added adsense today. I applied and was approved in Sept but never added their ads to the site. Today I was on adsense and discovered that they approved ads for me on any site. So I thought what the hell, why not it couldn't hurt. So I added one ad to the 3 sites I have at WA in hopes of gaining more Google love.

Keep on blogging everyone its just the matter of time before you will become an authority. I will never get discouraged because " I Love It " . Which I think gives me the edge. So I suppose I will continue advertising PPV, PPC, to make money.

Ok don't get me wrong I don't advertise my websites I use affiliate landing pages. If you want to learn a few things about this CLICK HERE

Have a Great Year


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AnnieB Premium
Nice site Brian. I still struggle at blogging at bit!
crazymonk86 Premium
did you see todays blog I had a gas doing the videos. I'm going to edit one of the videos tonight and try to edit in some text and stuff
Karyskis Premium
I enjoyed reading your post. :)
crazymonk86 Premium
Its so much easier writing these days. There was a time that I cringed when writing but all this blogging has changed me.Thank You