How Can You Add Hyperlinks To PDF's For Free?

Last Update: January 20, 2019

First Step - Creating My Email Opt In Form

This week I've spent hours creating my freebie guide on Canva to use on my email opt in form. It's only the first step in the whole process and has already taken me ages to do the research and finally make the freebie.

I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out SO FAR. I've saved it as a PDF file, and now I need to do some editing of the file and add hyperlinks to it.

I'd rather not pay for Adobe and would prefer to use a free editor to add the hyperlinks. However the couple I've tried so far do not have the ability to add links and only allow you to do very basic editing.

Can anyone recommend a free editor I could use to add the hyperlinks? The easier and simpler to use the better.

I thought creating the freebie would be the easy part, but now I'm a bit stuck. Once I get past the creation of the freebie I can move on to the next stage.

Step by step........

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MarionBlack Premium
This should have been posted as a question instead of a blog, Ann. It would have reached more people, and you'd have got an answer much sooner. Next time use the grey search box at the top of the page.

Microsoft Word can create PDFs for you and you would add the links in much the same way you add links in WordPress. Highlight the text then click on Insert > Links > Link.

To create the PDF use File > Export > Create PDF.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks for the info Marion. I did look for training on this first but couldn’t find any, but get your point on asking the question in that area. Will know for next time thankyou.
So I understand I can add links in a word doc. This means I’ll need to convert my existing PDF to a word doc, add the links, then convert it back to PDF.... right?
MarionBlack Premium
How did you create the PDF in the first place, Ann?

No need to convert from PDF to Word, just use copy and paste. Then export the document as a PDF when you've finished editing.

Download the freebie from the sidebar at It's one I created using Word.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Hi Marion thanks for the info.
I followed the instructions and as you advised I was able to add links to the doc in Word.
I then followed your instructions to create the PDF File>Export>CreatePDF and something horrible has happened.

The formatting which looked weird in Word, now looks even weirder, it's all over the place.
Can you give any advice on how I can fix it?
I originally created the doc in Canva as a PDF.
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
I am sorry, to hear about your problem. I do not have an answer for you. But I would suggest posting this in live Chat and writing the question in the black strip on your profile page. Both places are a great way to get help.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Thanks for replying. I never have any luck having questions answered in live chat unfortunately. I’ll try your other suggestion. Thankyou