Power into success because you understand yourself

Last Update: February 25, 2018

Would knowing how you can create the greatest motivation in your life yourself matter to you? It does for me and is why I work so hard to research everything I want to know.

This alone gives me so much power that is required to understand every possible event that will ever happen in a way that becomes natural.

Maybe you want to be the guy or girl who stays cool under pressure? Maybe you just want to wake up each morning and pick something that will be your activity for that day?

No matter what your reason I know I have what you need to learn and I can show you what it is if you ask.

Your Life Should Be Priority Number One

Not your friends, not your kids, and not your religion. Why? Because everything else will become a reality when you can figure out exactly what motivates you to live the best life possible for yourself.

This isn't being selfish because it grants you the capabilities to bring all of the other things that you value into matching yourself.

How is it possible you may be wondering?

Simple, when you work your butt off to give yourself skills that make things effortless to perform, you create more opportunities for yourself to do those other things as well.

Instead of spending everyday every hour practicing how well you meet the expectations of others, you just need to improve yourself.

The other things will catch up if they are truly as important as you think. How?

Doing things that matter and make you stronger

It shouldn't be so difficult to see where I am going here, that is you will do the things you do well first. This creates a routine where you get the easiest and most important tasks done with the most energy you have.

When those are done, we should understand that our power comes from the natural strengths we posses that we do better then most everyone else does.

Not only that is we get even stronger because we are always practicing them as our priority #1. This also means you will get them done faster the more you do them.

Creating the chance to do the same thing with your #2 priority. This can repeat for up to 5 strengths because we only have so much energy before we get tired.

Five is just a number to strive for when you start out. The reality is you can do whatever amount you feel comfortable doing.

Once power is understood comes the success

Now that we do many things well we can apply those skills to even more areas that we want to do better at. This becomes a repetitive process that creates many small victories which over time will catapult our confidence and self worth.

By knowing that we can boost ourselves up infinitely we start looking to more challenging and more difficult things. Because we have established our quality the rest is just a matter of time to learn.

This directly leads to doing things which other people don't like to do and us being paid to create that service for them.

Why should you listen and try this out?

Notice what is taught on this platform, and realize that by knowing your set of strengths you bring a set of valuable skills to any website you create.

The possibility for you doing something with a website which you already excel at suggests that it will just be a matter of time before you get paid for what you know.

Learning quickly means you will get results rather quickly as well. This becomes a no brainer and something you can even teach to others.

Why? Because you understand what your value is and you understand what it takes to do the work. Once those two conditions are met you are only impacted by what actions you take.

Train and hire people to do more things that you are weak at and your site becomes a bigger and better endeavor everyday.

This just becomes your process that is taught over and over for free or for profit your choice.

What do you think of all this? Let me know

Do you have a desire inside yourself that is driving you insane not to go after? Do you believe enough about yourself or do you think you are better off just letting other people make the money you deserve?

Everything you need to get started is available here and it's free to see it for yourself live. Pick today as the day you say I know that I should get paid what I am worth and get to work.

Don't think that things will just happen to you because you are a good person. Make it happen. Be sure when you do join you come and find me, I love to hear from people who show their own fears who is in charge.

No more worries and no more doubts because you are the boss here. I am just somebody who can give you that extra bit you need to turn power into success because you understand yourself.


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sminman7 Premium
Great post and information! Keep up the good work!
Michael Inman
gjshawk Premium
Hi, Eric. Some ancient philosopher named Seneca is credited with saying “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That’s kinda what I get from your post. I agree with your points.
Tirolith Premium
Just what the World needs now.

cramervod Premium
Exactly, one way for everyone to show that they care is to learn and understand what it means to be compassionate towards ourselves and others.

Lazyblogger Premium
Very inspiring and motivating post. Applying more on what I learn is making a difference. You right on track with that. This is going to be my best year in WA, thanks to all here. Great post.
cramervod Premium
There is a special kind of energy each of us has within ourselves. When we realize how to focus that energy towards our goals we start to see how quickly it leads us toward results.

That means do something you do better than everyone else. Do it so well that it is automatic and it will be the direction you need to go in to succeed at anything you do. :-)