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Last Update: August 17, 2012
I wanted to sharte with all of you my results of some of the articles that I have published on Street Articles. I have never done that well ranking my articles on an article directory, but then I didn't do the proper keyword research either. I don't have many articles published and I am probably not going to get to the 30 articles for my challenge, but I am learning a lot about writing content and I guess that is the purpost. So, here are my results on Google:

Does Inversion Therapy Work - Made it to page 2 (position #19) in 5 days.

How To Get Rid Of Your Muscle Knots - Made it to page 1 (position #9) in 15 hours! This is by far the best I have ever done with an article and I know for a fact that it is because I am using Jaxxy now to get my keyword phrases.

Does Exercise Cause Stress - Made it to the top spot on page 2 in 15 hours!

These articles may not be in these positions right now, but they were. I owe it all to jaxxy, the training I receive on WA and most of all to the support that I have been given the short time I have been here in this great community.

I will keep on trucking. Thanks everyone!

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CQuel Premium
Just wanted to give you an update. I just submitted an article to Street Articles 2 days ago, 5 Worst Morning Foods - Not For Breakfast Anymore, and when I checked just now, the article was #1 for my keyword phrase (5 worst morning foods)! Thanks Jaaxy!
kamali Premium
Great work, congrats
gud Premium
Sounds like you have a great start and you are an encouragement to many people are just starting out. Thank you for your comments.
CQuel Premium
Too bad we don't have spell check. Sorry!