Amazon Affiliates - Salutary lesson

Last Update: November 16, 2019

Hello to all at the WA campus today on this very cold and wet Saturday (here in the UK at least)

Yesterday I was part of a thread. The original thread was posted by Android and he asked the community what we thought about our friends or family purchasing something on our Amazon Affiliate Links, especially during the first few months when trying to secure your first 3 sales, both Trish and Diane explained how this was not a good idea and Trish sent the T&C for him to read.

Android felt it may still be doable provided discretion was part of the process and there were not any visable links to the person.

However something recently happened to me and I shared on the thread, Trish said write a Blog to share with you the WA community as we should all be aware of the complexity and depths the internet can appear to go. It would on the face of it seem quite scary and feel that anyone tempted may think again once they have read my little story.

Let me set the scene... In my house is myself, daughter and partner. All are on my Amazon Address book, we all share the same internet & as a result IPP address. 10 days ago my daughter decides to move out of the house and move into a flat. Long distance away (2 hours) On the first night in her new flat her boyfriend, decided to buy something for their new flat. His surname, his old and now new address is not written on any cyber address book of mine.

He purchased with his new debit card, used his work email address and had delivered to his brand new Flat. He went through my affiliate links and purchased a new microwave oven...The next day I was credited with the commission. Happy days.

Then I received an email from Amazon letting me know that the Terms and Conditions of Amazon Affiliates do not allow me to request anyone to purchased on my behalf and withdrawn the commission (as small as it was) they also warned me they do not want to see this happening again...

I was completly thrown by this as I have no idea how they connected Mike to me, but they have and I am guessing it is through the brand new Debit card which coincidently has a similar one from the same Bank for daughter Cara..

At first I was creeped out, but looking at the evidence, I did ask someone to purchase through my link and did think the connection was nefarious enough not to be connected, but I was wrong and therefore I need to be mindful that no matter what , honesty and deep understanding of the T&C otherwise, you like me may end up worrying.

For me a relative newbie losing my Amazon Account would have been annoying but not catasrophic. If however I had a successful online amazon affiliate business then it might be a different story.

I only tell you this story as I feel it is a salutary lesson and would hate you to find yourself on the end of a grotty email. It is obviously entirely up to you awhat you do with your business but just in case remember ........the eyes are everywhere...

Thanks guys.

Now im off to the cinema to see "The Good Liar" with Helen Mirren.


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JanieTH Premium
I had no idea!!! OMG, this is scary. I was thinking about doing something similar, because I still haven't had any commission whatso ever and am not sure what the problem is.
Anyway, I was about to ask German friends (2000km away) if they would purchase through my links, just to keep me in Amazon Associates. But after reading your story, it doesn't seem to be a good idea.
How was the movie?
SDavies2 Premium
Cordelia, thank you for sharing this blog post. I was totally unaware of the affiliate program with Amazon. I am a prime member and love it :) I will have to look into it because of the information you shared here I will really have to take a deeper look info their rules and regulations. Thank you again for sharing this information :)
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Cordelia,

We knew some people from Canada who would spend some holiday months on the Costa del Sol. I asked them if they could order something for me and have it delivered to them while still being here.
The only connection were some emails I had sent to Canada and some mobile calls while they were here. I did not get credit either.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
CordeliaN Premium
Ok wow, that is very seriously scary stuff... 😳
timstime20 Premium
Amazon and as Lundy says (others) do watch closely
lindy101 Premium
Interesting story showing how close an eye Amazon (and others) keep on us. Big Brother on steroids I sometimes think. :-)
CordeliaN Premium
Yeah and some....😶